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Jan 13, 2009 03:54 AM

Griswold Inn, Essex

I read conflicting reports on the food at this Connecticut inn, and they're both right. Our food in the main restaurant ranged from ordinary to disappointing. I can't understand how a bowl of chowder can arrive in front of me luke warm when there are only six tables occupied in the entire restaurant. It also takes a lot of cooking to reduce red cabbage to a tasteless mush.

But the wine bar next door to this restaurant is another world. Excellent tapas-sized dishes, creative, well-cooked and confidently presented. Between the two of us we managed six dishes, but just had to have a second plate of venison, which was perfectly cooked and spiced so that the flavour sang. Scallops, beef, pizza, soup and a couple of others I can't remember- all perfectly executed. Comes close to the top in my "best restaurant meal of all time list."

And the service was fine too.

Worth taking a detour for if you are in that neck of the woods, but do avoid that dour main restaurant!

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  1. Green - I have never had a bad meal in the main restaurant - but I agree with you on the creativity of the food menu in the wine bar - although I fid it overpriced for what you get there........
    I was in teh main restarunt for a Christmas Feast menu and it was outstanding.

    1. I personally love the Gris, but I have to admit we go there at christmas time and stay the night, we soak up the entire experience. I have never had a bad meal there and always find the crowd and staff fantastic..... We are going to try Valentines day this year....

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        I've always enjoyed the Hunt Breakfeast on Sundays. Always also liked the atmosphere there.