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Jan 12, 2009 09:05 PM

Hong Kong style (rice) cafe?

Hey again,

Are there any Hong Kong style cafes? In chinese I know it's called "rice" "cafe".
They serve the usual milk tea, "yeen yeung", etc. Char siu rice plate, spaghetti HK style, pork chop rice plate, Baked rice plates - these types of dishes. Usually they are pretty cheap and fast I think; very casual place.

Well, of course it doesn't have to be Hong Kong style - that's just how I think of it. Any other suggestions to try for rice lunch dishes would be yummy.

Too many restaurants scattered on several streets, I don't know what is good for a simple and fast lunch. Not looking for "dining" style. in and out for this tourist!

Doesn't have to be dirt cheap either, but MUST BE DELICIOUS.


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  1. Big Wong at 66 Mott Street for the best Cantonese BBQ Roast Pork over rice. For spaghetti try Kobma on Pell or Hon Cafe.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Agree with ScoopG that Kobma and Hon Cafe are what you are looking for.

      There are others in Chinatown, like XO Kitchen on Hester (Another location on Walker is worse), Happy Time Cafe on Bayard, and may be some around E. Broadway (I don't go there often). However, just a note of warning that the food they serve is pretty mediocre and not very good compared to what you can get in Hong Kong. They all serve Hong Kong style milk tea or yuen yang and such.

      As ScoopG mentioned, Big Wong has excellent char siu over rice (and BBQ is in general quite good). Their congee is very good as well. (Don't order rice crepes wrapped around the fried cruellers - below average...)

      1. re: kobetobiko

        thanks for the suggestions. cant wait to try out kobma!!
        i'm from new orleans, so i'll take anything that even resembles HK. i usually visit SF for my chinese food, dim sum craving. it's been awhile, so it's interesting to compare SF's chinatown and NYC's (including flushing's). alot of debate goes on as to whose food is better... i still dunno. hehe.


        1. re: Strangette

          Flushing is more polyglot and much more diverse in food offerings than Manhattan's Chinatown but 32 minutes from Grand Central Station via subway. Still, plenty of good eats abound in Manhattan's Chinatown. SF Chinatown pales in comparison.

        2. re: kobetobiko

          I'd agree Happy Time on Bayard is decent, as is the place on Pell. My favorite for good HK style bfast though is Rainbow on Mott 1/2 block north of Grand. Place is a bit small, but I find it cozy. For delicious satay beef over instant noodles, try this place on Hester b/w Mott and Elizabeth, don't know the English name though. On weekends before 9:30, there's usually just 1 waiter going nuts trying to cover a packed breakfast crowd.

      2. If you want to try rice for lunvh and you haven't been to OMS/b yet, you must! It's a rive ball cafe...DEEELISH!
        East 46th Street

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        1. re: italianagambino

          OMS/B is Japanese style onigiri and bento and serve nothing resembles what OP is looking for.

          I agree it's delicious though.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              haha, it's okay. i love japanese food as well! i make my own onigiri so this is definitely interesting place to know. must check it out if im in that area.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              omg, chinatown restaurant with a website! finally... or maybe i just didn't know where to look. wish all the chinatown stores would do that... would make things so much easier to find. thanks~!!

              1. re: Strangette

                Hi Strangette,

                I didn't know you want website. The chinatown in NYC has an official website:


                It doesn't have everything, but you may be able to serve for restaurants or shops that you want.

              2. re: Chandavkl

                My favorite part about Mstar cafe are the murals of jackie chan and andy lau on the walls =)
                Food's not bad too.
                My go to in that category is XO kitchen for a wide menu selection, good baked rice dishes and full suite of warm desserts.

                1. re: xigua

                  the baked pork chop over rice at XO is excellent, in fact i think its the best dish there (rice covered in chopped up pork chops, tomatoes and eggs covered with chese and then broiled)

                  1. re: Lau


                    I had the baked pork chop rice at XO about a month ago but I thought it was very poor. The pork chop was tough and dry and literally inedible (and the whole chop was left uneaten at the end). The rice and tomato sauce was good though.

                    I don't recall it has eggs, but it had cheese for sure. Hon Cafe didn't have cheese but have egg.

                    1. re: kobetobiko

                      thats too bad, which branch did you go to? i find the one on hester is much better than the one off lafayette

                      btw get the fried mantou with condensed milk at xo...that is actually my favorite thing (one of those things u love growing up)

              3. I haven't been, but would Rice be what you're looking for? I think there are a few locations throughout the city.

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                1. re: fooodie

                  Rice, serves not horrible "pan Asian" food but it's really not what the OP is looking for.