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Jan 12, 2009 08:49 PM

Phoenix Garden?

How is it lately? Haven't been in a long, long time....

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    1. I was there for New Year's Eve as it was near where I live. I would say it's good for the neighborhood but not a destination Cantonese Chinese restaurant by any means. We ordered the snow pea shoots with crab, sauteed conch and scallops and wintermelon soup. The wintermelon wasn't cooked enough. The snow pea shoots with crab was bland -- different from Cantonese bland -- bland like they didn't add enough salt. And the sauteed conch and scallops were OK, but lacked wok hai. It was bland, but that was OK as you were supposed to dip it in some fermented shrimp paste. Oh, we also got an order of young chow fried rice which was pretty good. Big portions -- took lot of leftovers home.

      So if you need to be in the neighborhood, not a bad choice. But I think I'll just be taking the subway a few stops to Chinatown or the LIRR a couple of stops to Flushing for my Cantonese. DH says in hindsight we should have just gone to Szechuan Gourmet for NYE. That's quite a statement coming from him as he prefers Cantonese cuisine and is not the hugest fan of spicy food.

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        Miss Needle, I noticed their sauteed snow pea shoots have not tasted quite as good as when we first discovered the dish there a few years ago. Hopefully it is just a seasonal thing. They have been more watery, not as full in flavor, AND the portion got smaller but the price stayed the same.

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          Hmm.. that could be a possibility. But I also have snow pea shoots at home and found them still pretty tasty. As I've never been there before, I'm not sure how large that portion was. I found it pretty big. But I was definitely wishing for more crab -- I think there were about three tiny pieces of it in the entire dish.

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            Adding link

            Phoenix Garden
            242 E 40th St, New York, NY 10016