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Jan 12, 2009 06:24 PM

Best Sunday Dinner in London?

We will be through London for 2 nights in March on the tail end of our Honeymoon and would like to cap the trip off with a memorable meal. As we land around 4:30p from NRT on Saturday, Sunday is probably our best bet for a relaxed meal.

Some places we have wanted to try are Gordon Ramsay RHR, Marcus Wareing, River Cafe. As luck would have it, all are closed on Saturday.

Where would you go in our case, we would like to cap off the trip with something great.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions...

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  1. Will you be feeling like lunch do you think? Many more places will be open than for dinner. Also where are you staying please?

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      We will be staying in Hyde Park (Portman Square). However we don't necessarily need somewhere closeby. We are certainly willing to explore the city a bit to get to a great restaurant.

      We were planing of grabbing a casual lunch on the run. As this is my fiancee's first trip to London, I would like to show her much of the city as possible in one day. The through was to work up an appetite doing that, and then go for a great dinner to cap our trip.

      I am aware that many places are closed for dinner unfortunately. What I hope to get are suggestions on what places are worthwhile and open for Sunday dinner.

      1. re: Gabatta

        If you do decide to try Sunday lunch, try the Goring Hotel which is just down the road from Hyde Park Corner (5 mins walk max).

        Google Goring Hotel and you'll find their website.

        They are frequently mentioned as one of the best places for Sunday lunch in London. They do dinner too on a Sunday if you prefer that.

        It is a luxury hotel still run by a family rather than a chain and has been run by them for 4 generations (100 years

        Their dining room is a proper traditional dining room and they pride themselves on service that would have been common place in the Victorian/Edwardian era. It is not pompous or stuffy, just very good service that makes you feel like you have had an experience.

        Definitely recommended.

    2. You might enjoy Maze. It's not far from your hotel, It's casual but elegant and the chef, Jason Atherton, is well known and very good. It might not be the best place for Sunday dinner (I think they're open on Sundays), but it's a fun and lovely meal.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        We will definitely consider Maze, thanks for the reccomendation. A few other places I am considering due to comments elsewhere on this board and recommendations from friends are Chez Bruce and One-o-One. I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on those choices.

        1. re: Gabatta

          I love Chez Bruce but you should be aware that it's not central - it's in the suburbs and quite a ride from Hyde Park.

          It's not Michelin-starred and has only just opened, but Terence Conran's new venture, The Boundary, is starting to get a buzz around it. It's in a very trendy party of London, and the place itself is supposed to be sumptuous.

          1. re: Gabatta

            You wouldn't go wrong with Chez Bruce... I've been trying to get there for a long time. My husband is sometimes in that area on a Sat. night, but it just hasn't worked out so far. As GG said, it's quite a trek from London.

            1. re: zuriga1

              its not so bad to get to chez bruce. Just get a train from Victoria to Wandsworth common (about 15-20 mins).

              1. re: foreignmuck

                We haven't gotten there but not because of transportation. :-) We have a car and live south of London - quite near the A3. I guess it's not really bad from London either... just a shame the trains are so expensive. Many tourists never venture out of London, which is a shame.

                1. re: zuriga1

                  zone 1 to 3 Travelcard will get you there.
                  And it will feel like you're (almost) not in London.

        2. ah look, the best meal you'll find on a sunday just happens to be about the best restaurant in london. certainly clearly superior to GR@RHR; Marcus W; River Cafe etc.

          The Square.

          only open on sunday night, but it is the full monty.

          chez bruce is a lot like st john, people like to believe its better than it is.

          1. I think I have the place for you. It's called Racine, and it's traditional French cooking-steak tartare as a starter or a main course is highly recommended. It's fantastic traditional French cooking, not overly fussy, just great food, great wine list and it's smart and discreet as you would expect (the smartness doesn't really come out in the photo on the link provided). It also has the bonus of being near Knightsbridge, so you can wander round, pop into the landmarks that are Harrods and Harvey Nichols (if your wife to be is a fan of Absolutely Fabulous then she'll appreciate that). Then a 15 min walk, or a 2-5 min cab ride to Racine for dinner.

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            1. re: bootsyjam

              Racines is great, for what it is. But I'm not sure its such a destination for wanting to finish on a culinary high.

              I love racines and go regularly, and it is a very good example of the bistro moderne type in London - at one time, before henry harris' departure I would have called it the best. Though since he returned it hasn't yet hit the heights of before.

              Ultimately though, I do personally think it is too casual, and too unassuming to be an end of trip highlight.

            2. Lots of very helpful recommendations here. I also received a recomendation for The Ledbury for our Sunday dinner from a trusted source not on this forum. I would be interested to hear any thoughts on that.

              Also, we are looking for something a bit more casual for Saturday night close to our hotel (Hyatt Churchill).

              Thanks again

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              1. re: Gabatta

                Failing to get a booking at the Square for your dinner on the sunday, The Ledbury is it's sister restaurant anyway. I had a great dinner here on a sunday back in january and would highly reccomend it after the Square which Im in agreement with batfink23 on in that it is definitely your best option for a sunday night.


                1. re: Gabatta

                  the ledbury is fine, but it is still the lesser sibling of the Square.

                  same ownership etc. but the ledbury has a chef Brett Graham who was spun off into his own restaurant as he showed a fair bit of talent whilst at the square.

                  he is very good with his starters, but has struggled a little with his main courses and can tend towards using repetoire dishes from the platts-martin group library.

                  the ledbury is good no doubt, but it is the junior version of the square.

                  1. re: Gabatta

                    for something more casual, then perhaps Racine is then in scope?