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Jan 12, 2009 05:36 PM

Sweets for The Soul to open! Brownies anyone?

I was at the Atwater Farmers market and walked over to the coffee house on Glendale across from Bill's liquor. I saw activity in the Sweets for the Soul Bakery and asked the owner what was up, when was she going to open. Turns out she was interviewing staff and had just gotten approved to open on friday, so she is planning to open this wednesday the 14th. Thank god I live a few miles away from this place, cause if it was in walking distance I would be in trouble. Hey wait, I could walk there and eat brownies and walk back burning off the calories, therefore negating any extra poundage. Food for thought.

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  1. Does this place serve other pastries/desserts, or is it just brownies?

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      I went on Friday night, and it was brownies only. I'll give them one more try, but I wasn't blown away.

    2. I stopped by about two weeks ago, and all they had were brownies. I thought they were delicious, especially the brownie bliss. It's no surprise I liked that so well since it's remarkably similar to a brownie from one of Maida Heatter's books that I've been making for years: "Jane Freiman's Brownies." Amazingly similar -- and always a crowd pleaser.

      I also thought the price point was a bit high at $3.50 each for brownies no more than 2 inches in diameter. Another of their brownies, the cocoa bliss brownie, is about the same size as a single Trader Joe's brownie point, but in this case a single one will cost you $4.00. Ouch! Yes, the ingredients are of a higher quality, but still -- $4 for a three-bite, carry-out dessert? I don't think so.

      I should be grateful, though, because my wallet will keep my waistline in check.

      1. I'm all about the brownies from Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City.