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Grass-fed beef/pork etc

Looking for a local butcher/resource where I can regularly purchase grass fed animals? The best and only source I've had so far was group purchases from farms in Souther VA.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not sure where "local" is, but I've got the contact info. for a farmer in Warrenton that raises and sells grass-fed beef. You can buy individual steaks or a whole cow, or anything in between. Let me know if you're interested I'll look up his info.

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      Ack that probably would have been useful info. Local to me is NOVA/DC, anywhere in or around the beltway.

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        Had a very pleasant surprise last weekend when I discovered that the Falls Church Farmer's Market is open year round. (It's smaller than summertime, but still larger han Vienna, Reston or McLean's markets in high season.) And Phishie they have two vendors selling grass fed beef, pork, rabbit, lamb, etc. Not to mention great winter greens, squashes, etc.

        It's every Saturday from 9 - noon, two blocks off of Route 7 (Broad St.) and a couple blocks across from the State Theater.

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          Awesome! Thanks for the tip. Sounds like I'm going to have a busy Sat morning hitting up a couple different farmer's markets.

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            This weekend's Falls Church market was much thinner than the previous weekend in terms of vegetable vendors. Though I still saw both grass-fed meat providers, so hopefully you made out Phishie.

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        Roseda Beef near Bmore.... I've seen their operation, had their beef. They are top notch.

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          Eco Friendly Farms at the Saturday farmers' market in Arlington at the Courthouse has grass-fed/field-grown beef, pork, and chickens. The market opens at 9:00 in winter and 8:00 in summer. They also come to Dupont farmers' market, but I don't know if they go all year. What has not been freshly-butchered is frozen but still worth it.

          Another place would be the Organic Butcher in McLean. Ask them for specifics about their products.

        2. IF you are ever out in Burtonsville (Colesville Road Rt. 29 exit on Beltway), there is an Amish market that carries all natural grass fed beef. I always get my Christmas rib roast there.

          Beiler's Meats
          15624 Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD

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            >IF you are ever out in Burtonsville (Colesville Road Rt. 29 exit on Beltway), there is an Amish market that carries all natural grass fed beef. I always get my Christmas rib roast there.
            Beiler's Meats
            15624 Columbia Pike Burtonsville MD <<
            I am there every week for the fresh orange juice but only occasionally get beef from them. They are all over the place! I find meat that looks like US Prime once a month, looks like US Choice often, but frequently looks like some solid pink Select yuk.

            A friend has had some good results by asking for a marbled cut. They will go in the back and hunt for ya.

          2. There's a yahoogroup called grassfedonthehill NOVA. You order from the website and there are weekly local dropoffs around the area. Incredible grassfed products but incredibly pricey. Careful when you cook, it needs less time and temperature. There's one for Maryland and the DC area too.

            1. My Butcher and More near Crofton-424 and 450, just north of 50

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                Sorry he moved down to Annoplis Maryland.
                Same guy, same good meats

              2. You can get excellent pasture raised beef, bacon, milk, butter and eggs, along with Virginia made cheeses, from Stonyman Farm in the Bethesda Women's Coop on Wisconsin Ave. Their meat is fresh not frozen, which is harder to come by in this area, as most of what is available at the farmers markets is frozen. They're open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (not sure about Sunday). Fresh local pork is even harder to come by. If anyone has any info on that, I'd appreciate it.

                1. are there any farms in out by Warrenton where I can purchase fresh organic beef?

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                    The Home Farm Store in Middleburg has the best organic grass fed meats (lamb. beef, pork, poultry) I've found anywhere in the area. Their dry aged beef is amazing. They also carry prime grain fed beef from another farm but I haven't tried it.

                  2. There is a butcher shop in the del ray, alexandria area that may meet your needs.

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                      If the reference is to Let's Meat on the Avenue (which I've been very disappointed with and will never return to), caveat: their products are grass fed, but grain finished (which they fail to mention).

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                        re: Let's Meat On The Avenue. The butcher always tells customers that the beef is grass fed/ grain finished. He says that he would never sell strictly grass fed meat because it is tough.

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                          There's some truth to this. If my Grandfather were still alive he could confirm. But i recall even the old family farm ops relegated cows close to slaughter to a smaller pen and food brought to them. Most of it isn't neccesarily the food - but that they don't exercise much at all near the end. In fact, even on the family farm, I recall that getting cows running was about the worst thing that could happen.

                    2. Oh, everyone, definitely go to My Butcher and More. No longer at the address listed earlier in this string, he's now in Annapolis. He is terrific.

                      Here's a blogger report on a grass-fed beef class at My Butcher featuring St. Brigid's Farm on the Eastern Shore.

                      Here's My Butcher and More's Web site:

                      His deli sandwiches are great so go even if you are not buying raw meat!

                      1. Laurel Meat Market, 347 Main St. Laurel, MD 301-725-5855. Market is a hidden gem for anyone looking for GRASS FED, NO antibiotic, NO hormone meat of all kinds: chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey, sausages ground & made there and a bonus-- homemade pies everyday! He is an old-time butcher that cuts on premises and grinds his own beef so there is no chance of mad cow in his meat. He will be in business 41 years 2011 and his aim is to please.
                        He won't sell anything he would not put in his own mouth.