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Jan 12, 2009 05:07 PM

Delivery options for Palms/Culver City

Due to pregnancy complications, I'm on bed rest for the next few months. DH can't cook (unless you count Mac & cheese or fried eggs). We're doing a lot of Trader Joes premade meals, In & Out and pizza. But I need greater variety.

What places in Palms or near downtown Culver City deliver?

Thank you,

Christine W

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    1. I know you've been doing pizza, but Brunello delivers. Theirs tend to be a little on the room temperature side when they arrive, but they're also SO much better than any other options in the neighborhood, so I just order, preheat the oven, then pop the pizza in when it arrives and refresh it for a few minutes. Their salads, obviously, deliver well, and if you ask, they'll give you some of their really-good bread too.

      When I've craved delivery, they've pretty much been the best bet. Thai Boom has been hit-and-miss and a there isn't any worthwhile Chinese. If you find any other good options, please let me know.

      Brunello Trattoria
      6001 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

      1. If you're in the camp that likes Thai Boom, they deliver.

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          What of their stuff do you guys think delivers well? Because I've found it pretty up for grabs.

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            I think the green mango salad and any of their curries are probably the best for delivery. Nothing in there that will suffer from steaming in containers or being held.

        2. I'm one of those who likes Thai Boom, and I agree with the green mango salad and the curry, which they will spice up if requested. Also really like the lunch combos at Hu's Szechwan -- my favorites are the kung pao chicken, twice-cooked pork (without tofu) and if I have someone to share with, the eggplant.

          They are a far cry from the excellent Markie D's that they replaced, but Hoagies & Wings delivers. I just checked their website, and Victor Jr's delivers -- excellent meatball subs, Italian salads, eggplant or chicken parm, and loaded pizzas (weekdays only).

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            Yes, Thai Boom is very accomodating about special requests. They're good about leaving out cilantro on anything for us. We'll also order two green mango salads, one super spicy for me and a milder one for my wife. No fighting for the two of us that way.

            Now if they could only make a decent green chili dip...

          2. Try K & A Kanton very fresh very good and they deliver its on national blvd