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looking for an old school hotdog...

Philly used to have great hotdog joints. I remember they had a variety of different toppings and were called funny names by the people who served them. Any hotdog places left, I would love to recapure the past.

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  1. Texas Weiners and Johnny's Hots are in the city. Check out hollyeats.com and his "eating phila" or "hot dog page" for a list that includes the 'burbs.

    1. Its a bit of a drive but I heard great things about Yocco's in Allentown. Its definitely an old school hot dog stand.

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        Weather was too nice, so I threw the Peatbog Faeries in the CD player and treked up to the original Yocco's on liberty street in Allentown. Its not the best neighborhood, though there is parking right across the street from the corner shop. These days, I suspect they sell more beer than hot dogs, and unfortunately they don't have a frier so no fries or pierogies with the dogs. But the dog is real good. Steamed bun, grilled dog with onions, mustard and Yocco's famous sauce. There are two other locations in Allentown, norh and west of the city, plus branches in Trexlertown, Fogelsville and Emmaus. Definitely worth a trip. And for more on the hot dog, see Rick Nichols great piece in today's Inquirer.

        Yocco's Hot Dog King
        625 W Liberty St, Allentown, PA 18102

      2. I really love Johnny's Dog House in Wayne; they have a variety but my favorite is the Chicago style hot dog.

        1. I don't know about funny names, but Jimmy John's in Chadds Ford has been around since 1940 and still going strong. On rte 202, just north of rte 1

          1. Check out Holly Eats. I swear by this guy's recommendations, and classic hot dogs (Philly and NJ) are one of his obsessions:


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            1. Has anyone tried the hot dog at Cafe Fulya on 2nd street in Queen Village (at Bainbridge?)? They have recently posted a sign about having the best hot dog - but I am usually going by during non-hot dog hours (walking the dogs at 7 am - breakfast dog anyone?) Just curious!

              1. If you can get to Warminster, PA, there is a Lennys close to Bustleton and Street Rd. It's on Street. They make the classic combo which is a hotdog, crab cake and pepper hash...unreal!

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                  You are Kidding! I didnt think that I would ever see that hotdog combo again ...

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                    lol! It's back....actually they've been there for a few years and still have the Champ Cherry soda. You from the NE?

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                      No Im not from the NE but I may find myself going up to get this hotdog!

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                        it's worth it, swear. It's a full meal in itself...

                2. This is why I love Chow Hound, you guys are the best,even with a random request. Im off to find a great dog. I will report back!

                  1. It's also a specialty at Johnny's Hots on Delaware Ave. I used to love the combo at Levis' Hot dogs.
                    Just came back from Philly Hot Dog Cafe at 204 W. Ridge Pike in Limerick. Vienna dogs from Chicago in 14 different styles. Pretty good. Been open since July and this was my first time in. Phone is 484-973-6357. Website: www.phillyhotdogcafe.com

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                      wow, Levis's...unreal. Grew up in the NE with both Lenny's and Levis's....

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                        I used to go to Levis' original spot at 5th & Lombard. Champ Cherry or Chocolate sodas out of an antique soda fountain!
                        Used to go to Lenny's on Castor Ave. and in Mount Airy. I've been to Lenny's on Street Rd. recently and was disappointed to see them open up a package of Nathan's hot dogs in the back and then cook them. They do offer Illg's and they are fabulous.

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                          Mmmm Illg's! Now I feel like dashing over there and loading up on their hot dogs and kielbasa and knockwurst and veal loaf and black forest ham and...:)