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Jan 12, 2009 04:06 PM

looking for inspiration in Philly

I am relatively new to the Philly area and my girlfriend and I have had some fun discovering interesting byobs. (Some of the ones we have made it to are Tiflin (?) (Good Indian food in a couple of areas around the city), and Couchon on the south side). Now we both enjoy new and interesting food I am looking for a place with all that plus some unique/ well done design to take her either as a spot to propose or as a precursor to begging for her hand. Any ideas that I can check out? It will be next month sometime (exept not valentine's day -- even I am not that mushy).

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  1. i'm going to vote matyson... check this board for overwhelmingly positive reviews. my favorite BYO, little fish, might fit the bill except i find it less than romantic... food is excellent there, but the decor if i remember right, is blue which isn't always the most romantic color, and it's so small there everyone can overhear you... which depending on how public of a person you are... might not work for a proposal! :) my other fave place is modo mio, which does have a romantic interior, however others have complained about the service there which might detract from a special evening. matyson gets my vote for excellent food, romantic decor and great service.