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Jan 12, 2009 03:32 PM

looking for Italian to die for

5 sisters visiting over Easter weekend. We are looking for the best Italian food in the city.
One sister wants ravioli in brown butter/wine sauce; another is looking for veal or chicken with a creamy lemon sauce

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  1. "best Italian food in the city" makes me think of Babbo, but the creamy lemon sauce sounds red-sauce to me. I'm wondering if you're looking for a kind of upscale Italian-American place, and if I'm right, maybe you should consider the Outer Boroughs and post to the Outer Boroughs board.

    1. I am typically skeptical of Italian, but Scott Conant made me a believer at a meal at Alto. Now that he's left to open Scarpetta, I would follow him there.

      1. I have had my most amazing italian meals at Babbo and Po. I know Frankies 17 on Clinton usually has some (butternut squash?) ravioli in a brown butter sauce. They aren't the best in the city, but its affordable and fun. I also had something along those lines at Perbacco, which is also good.

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          I don't know if they would have your specific requests but Perbacco is really good food in a casual, kind of funky atmosphere. Also very good and may have a menu you would like, is Stuzichinni (sp?) on Broadway around 22nd. More upscale is Convivio;really good and worth checking out the menu to see if you would like it.

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            Babbo is great. If you can't get in, check out:
            Tre Dici


          2. i'm thinking patsy's on west 56th would fit the bill. traditional, upscale-ish (sinatra endorsed) and still good despite a little wear and tear.

            1. You should definitely go to Convivo. Does anybody have any recommendations for restaurants comparable to Convivo. I like southern Italian.