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looking for Italian to die for

5 sisters visiting over Easter weekend. We are looking for the best Italian food in the city.
One sister wants ravioli in brown butter/wine sauce; another is looking for veal or chicken with a creamy lemon sauce

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  1. "best Italian food in the city" makes me think of Babbo, but the creamy lemon sauce sounds red-sauce to me. I'm wondering if you're looking for a kind of upscale Italian-American place, and if I'm right, maybe you should consider the Outer Boroughs and post to the Outer Boroughs board.

    1. I am typically skeptical of Italian, but Scott Conant made me a believer at a meal at Alto. Now that he's left to open Scarpetta, I would follow him there.

      1. I have had my most amazing italian meals at Babbo and Po. I know Frankies 17 on Clinton usually has some (butternut squash?) ravioli in a brown butter sauce. They aren't the best in the city, but its affordable and fun. I also had something along those lines at Perbacco, which is also good.

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          I don't know if they would have your specific requests but Perbacco is really good food in a casual, kind of funky atmosphere. Also very good and may have a menu you would like, is Stuzichinni (sp?) on Broadway around 22nd. More upscale is Convivio;really good and worth checking out the menu to see if you would like it.

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            Babbo is great. If you can't get in, check out:
            Tre Dici


          2. i'm thinking patsy's on west 56th would fit the bill. traditional, upscale-ish (sinatra endorsed) and still good despite a little wear and tear.

            1. You should definitely go to Convivo. Does anybody have any recommendations for restaurants comparable to Convivo. I like southern Italian.

              1. Not sure what they have that's close to your specific request, but I am a big fan of Lupa.

                1. If you go to a Babbo/Alto/Scapetta you will get a very good meal. But it sounds like your sisters may want to order something thats might not be on the menu. I have never ordered off the menu in any of the places mentioned in this thread. If you're looking for classics(maybe not on a menu) or something specific dont go to any of the places except maybe Patsy's.
                  Do yoursefl a favor and take a look at; Primola, Campagnola or a Patsy's. Go to an old school Italian restaurant where the chef will make you want YOU want and dont need to worry about attitude.

                  1. Via Emilia has a pumpkin tortelloni in a brown butter sage sauce which is delicious. Not the best italian in the city as a whole though. For the versatilitiy, you may want to try Campanile - call ahead and see if they will be able to accomodate your requests. It has a family feel so they be willing/able to cook something up for you.

                    30 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016

                    1. Because of comments made here I was very excited to try Scarpetta. I went with my wife and we were both very disappointed. Service was good but the food not so. We started with the signature pasta and it tasted like chef boyardee that was over coooked and it was down hill from there. Scarpetta is not even close to Babbo, Alto (as it is now) or Convivo.

                      1. You cannt, repeat CANNOT, go wrong at Il Mulino.

                        It is my favorite Italian in the world, and if money is no object, definitely check it out