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Jan 12, 2009 03:28 PM

restaurants north and west of saratoga springs

I'm going to be staying for a little while about 10 minutes NW of Saratoga Springs and I was wondering if you could recommend any places for dinner outside of town. I'm not looking for an expensive meal but a quality one. I used to live close to downtown and I was never very impressed with the food, though I was a student and didn't eat too many meals out. I do love Hattie's but I am always looking for a great find off the beaten path. Ideally I would rather not drive more than 20 minutes or so but if it's really a find I can make an exception.

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  1. Winslow's on Rte. 9 in Wilton has terrific food, very inexpensive. They specialize in turkey dinners and prime rib (Thur. night). Meat is butchered on site.
    Peppermill in South Glens Falls is also very good and has a loyal following. Massie's in SGF has good Italian-American fare and is good value as well.
    If you're looking along the Rte. 9N corridor, the pickings are much slimmer.

    1. We have had good meals at Saratoga Rose in Corinth, I believe it is still open. I would second Winslow's and Massie's as well.

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        The Rose is good, but it's in Lake Luzerne. Also, west on 29 in Galeay is the excellent Village Pizzeria which, in spite of its name, is a full-service resto with everything home-made.