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Jan 12, 2009 02:48 PM

DFW - Valentine Group needing suggestions

First time posting! :)

I am in a group of 4 - 5 couples that are looking for a restaurant (non-chain preferably) with entrées ranging from $15 - $25. We can go from downtown to addison to richardson to plano to frisco.

We like asian, italian, steakhouses, etc.

Any suggestions? :)


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  1. Welcome to CH!

    Most of my recs are away from the scene type places and focus more on the food than the atmosphere

    Little Sichuan in Plano (75 & Legacy next to Asia World Supermarket)....not really a scene type restaurant but awesome regional Chinese....order the Sichuan items and white board items and the waitstaff will treat ya better.

    Yoa Fuzi in Plano (Park & Preston same parking lot as Studio Movie Grill) again regional Chinese - Shanghainese but more modern and nicer digs than Little Sichuan. There is a coupon in the Passbook for Yoa Fuzi.

    Sushi Robata in Dallas (Frankford & Tollway) was really a nice surprise for lunch....not sure of the sushi but the soups, custards, natto and tempura was all nicely done at a recent large group lunch.

    Masami in Richardson (75 & Belt Line on the West side) is awesome for sushi, no crowds, cheap sushi and relaxed atmosphere. Say hello to Rio for me!

    Jasmine Thai in Plano (NEC Spring Creek @ Alma) is awesome for Thai food. I haven't had better in Dallas. If you are feeling adventurous try the Thai menu that you need to ask for. If not the green curry is quite good, whole fried snapper with chili sauce (prolly could feed 4 people), Thai Herbal Chicken appetizer is very good, I like spicy so I get the jungle curry extra hot but other need a medium to mild, lemongrass catfish. It is all very good.

    Very cheap and not classy at all...probably wouldn't dress up but for a casual awesome Vietnamese meal I would suggest Nam Hua in Garland (Belt Line @ Jupiter). With $20 per person you could eat like kings and still have left overs! I would highly recommend the seafood hotpot, banh xeo, crab rangoon, salads, lemongrass frog legs, bun cha ha noi (grilled pork with dipping sauce and a salad plate, bo la lot (shaken beef)...just everything is great here!

    Upper End but worth it:
    Lola (Fairmont & Cedar Springs) is worth every penny a 2 course would be sufficient for the ladies and 3 course for the guys. Menu changes quite a bit but standouts about a month ago were braised sweetbreads, charcuterie plate, duck breast and the winter fruit crustade. Awesome wine selection and prices that even people who hate wine can afford!

    Bavarian Grill for some of their special winter menu items. Not sure what you like but all the menu sounds great to me! Usually a large crowd that can be boisterous.

    Jorg's Cafe Vienna in Downtown Plano (15th @ Ave K) is my favorite for Bavarian/Austrian regional food. The schitzels are very good especially the ones with cream. Awesome scene and even better beer not quite as loud as Bavarian Grill but it can get up there!

    I skip steakhouses b/c I cook my own. I go to ethnic places for items that I can't cook. Hope this gets you started!

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      Well for Valentines Day off LH's list I'd say either Yao Fuzi or maybe Jasmine (small but BYOB). Another possibility in Plano is Zander's House. In Dallas, maybe Suze.

      1. re: luniz

        Thanks for the great ideas! I've eaten at most of those places which are great, but wanted to try something new for Valentine's Day. I really want to try Lola, but unfortunately it's not going to be in the budget set by my group. I'm going to try to see if we can extend the budget so that we can try different places.

        1. re: dianaxpooh

          Just a word. For Valentine's Day, if you are thinking about any of the more chi-chi places that abound, you need to get your reservations made yesterday. They book up quickly...... In fact, regardless of where you decide to go, I would probably be calling about reserves this week.

      2. re: LewisvilleHounder

        This lady can eat four courses at Lola! I'll skip lunch.

        You might check if The Grape is offering a Valentine's special. They are a bistro on Lower Greenville and they do lots of 3 courses with wine for $40 or something similar on Christmas Eve, Valentine's, etc. As someone else suggested, make a res. now!

        Lewisville has a great list and I'd like to add First Chinese BBQ to it. It's BYOB and definitely in your price range. Not terribly romantic, but truly good food.

        Another place you might check into is Bolsa in Oak Cliff. They don't take reservations, but they might on Valentine's Day. Excellent moderately priced restaurant with most of the menu locally sourced.

        1. re: dalaimama

          I love First Chinese BBQ, but we go there after church on sundays so it's not really on our list for Valentine's Day. :)

          I recommended The Grape to the group also but no one seems to be up for it, so I think I'll have to make that a private date. :)

          They're starting to open up to a whole new range of prices now so it might be between Amici or Warsaw I hope!!! :)

          You guys are so helpful. You've named restaurants that I've always wanted to try. Thank you!

          1. re: dianaxpooh

            Forgot about Rise no. 1 and Soley! Which are on my short list of places to try...don't know how good they'd be for your plans tho.

            1. re: luniz

              I'm going to try Rise no. 1 for girls night next month. This month we're going to Victor Tango's. :)

              1. re: dianaxpooh

                You're a step ahead of me, you should be giving me advice on where to eat ;)

      3. Eden's is a small place on Lovers. You can take your own wine. The chef is a cooking school instructor and she has lovely specials. It is in a small renovated house and desserts are very good.

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        1. re: StickyPam

          I had never heard of Eden's before. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I'm more excited about the pastries and the basil burger with mozzarella! :)

          We have decided on Amici's! Everyone agreed to extend our budget and we are going to have each couple bring a wine. Thank you everyone for their suggestions~ We already made reservations too so no worries.