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Jan 12, 2009 02:28 PM

Bacon Maple Donut

Finally made my way to Dynamo Donuts again yesterday and snagged the last bacon maple donut. I'd been wanting to try this ever since I first hear about it. It was a delicious donut, but I actually think it could use more bacon. It was basically just a maple donut with a sprinkling of bacon bits on it. Not sure if they use any bacon fat anywhere else in the donut. The star anise chocolate donute I got was also pretty good.

Dynamo Donuts and Coffee
2760 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. Wow!!! that sounds so good. I am definitely picking up one of these

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    1. re: Breakbread

      Yeah, it sounded good to me but, for me was repulsive. After choking down a few bites ... I wasn't tossing a $$$ donut ... it got more tolerable. My vote would be to totally drop the bacon.

      I'm in the minority here though.

      Dynamo Donuts and Coffee
      2760 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      1. re: rworange

        Yeah, I don't think you're in the minority. The opinions I've seen are split pretty evenly.

        The star anise chocolate donut is probably my favorite (which is different from the chocolate spice, which I find utterly revolting). I've never seen it at Dynamo--got one at Four Barrel Coffee instead. Luck of the draw.

        1. re: Atomica

          The chocolate spice is revolting. I couldn't finish it, as it was so nasty.

      2. re: Breakbread

        I also really liked that one. Others were hit and miss. Last time I was there they said they only have the bacon maple on certain days. I believe it was Friday and Sunday, but you might want to check first.

      3. If you're ever up in Portland, try the maple/bacon bar at Voodoo Donuts -- it's much better and bacon-y. They have another called the Cock-and-Balls (seriously) which is excellent too.

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        1. re: Husky

          I really enjoyed the chocolate star anise one I had. I heated it up a day later in the microwave and it was delicious. Not super sweet, but with a nice hint of anise...

          I remember seeing that Voodoo Donuts spot on a Bourdain episode a few years back. Looked like a bigger donut with a lot more bacon on it.

          I snagged my bacon maple donut at Dynamo on Sunday. I called around 12:30pm and they only had 4 left. I live on the other side of town so I begged them to save me one. They were nice enough to do so.

          1. re: brian j

            I remember that episode. He goes back the next day for a fix only to find them closed if I remember correctly. I really wanted to try that donut though. Never heard of Dynamo...I'll make sure to try it.