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Jan 12, 2009 02:27 PM

Sunday Brunch at Sage in South End

Had a nice brunch at Sage yesterday (Sunday). Three of us, we had a spinach/feta omelet which came with some outrageously good home fries with duck confit (also available as a side). There was an order of French Toast which seemed well received if somewhat typical, a breakfast pizza with fried eggs, prosciutto and a lot of scallions (a good thing in my book) - it was great. To supplement, we ordered the carbonora to all taste. Homemade pasta was cooked perfectly - it was nice, but the pizza and the duck home fries were damn fine.

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  1. Just posted about Sage's brunch myself. Couldn't agree more about that breakfast pizza and duck hash. Damn fine. Want badly to try the carbonara but never have room!