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Jan 12, 2009 02:22 PM

How to prepare?

I have a vacuum-sealed package of jambalaya that I made a month ago and froze. I'd like to reheat it for dinner tonight. It's still frozen. I'm wondering what you think the best way to reheat would be? I would hope to keep the rice from getting gummy, although I'm not sure that's possible.

Would it make sense to simmer the jambalaya in the sealed package in a pot of water until it thaws and heats?


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  1. Yes........Your best option is to boil it directly in the bag.

    1. I am averse to cooking in plastic, the jury is still out on safety of doing so, healthwise. So I would open the bag, place the hunk of frozen food into a saucepan large enough to fit it and gently, with a low heat, heat up, you will need to stir and break up chunks as it thaws and heats.