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Still in search of Som-Tum (Green Papaya Salad )

I went to Montien it was ok ,salty and spicy, I can do better at home the crab was a interesting addition.
Anyone else have a good som-tum latley?
I know myers+chang has a green papaya slaw anyone ever try it?

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  1. I have not had it here but everything i have had here has been excellent
    Love the Phat Prik Gra Pao (T-3) It is very spicy!!

    1. I had some excellent renditions at S&I Thai and Dok Bua.

      1. I like Rod Dee's best in town (I've had more consistent luck with it than the one at Dok Bua)-- in particular, what makes it my standby is that they'll usually ratchet up the heat for you if you ask. It doesn't have anything out of the ordinary in it (dried shrimps, peanuts, etc.) but it's generally fresh and tasty.

        1. Xinh Xinh has a very nice Vietnamese version of green papaya salad.

          1. They do an excellent green mango salad at Yoma. Think they also had a papaya salad.

            1. bok l'hong (cambodian style papaya salad) at floating rock in revere

              1. S&I has a good one, they make it fresh to order so it's not soggy- you can tell them yes or no on the peanuts, beans, tomatoes, chiles, shrimp, or salty crab.

                1. If I remember correctly, S&I will do it Thai style (lime-based juice, peanuts and small shrimp) or Laos style (fermented-fish-based juice with crab bits) - just ask if they can. Laos style is traditionally spicier and more difficult for your digestive system.

                  Floating Rock did a Farmer's Thai-style papaya salad last time I was there that was nuclear spicy to the level that the staff were concerned for us even though my DC was Thai.

                  I should also mention that Phien's Kitchen in Lowell does a fantastic som tum.

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                    I don't think there is a style difference listed on the menu, and they don't ask when I order- they just say, "what do you want in it, and how spicy"

                  2. I would also strongly recommend S&I. I routinely get their Som Tum.

                    1. Khao Sarn does a very nice version as well.

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                        Yes, and they will defintely add all the heat you could want!
                        I second those who chose Rod Dee; it's a more rustic variety, with lots of dried shrimp. They'll also add heat.
                        I love Floating Rock's, and Dok Bua's, too. I usually end up getting their squid saiad, tho. All 4 are worth ordering, IMHO. I haven't had S&I's, but based on other things I've ordered there, it's a worthy contender...So much Som-Tum, so little stomach room!