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Jan 12, 2009 02:10 PM

Cheese-making classes?


Does anyone have a recommendation for cheese-making classes in the Bay area? In particular, I'm looking for one-time classes, but am flexible on this. I haven't found anything through google searches or chowhound searches.

(Recommendations for good books on cheese making would also be helpful)

Thanks for any help on this!

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  1. Is this course not available? Does The Cheese School of San Francisco not have any other recommendations?

    1. This seems like a good place to put a link to the 3rd Petaluma Artisan Cheese Festival which will be held March 20-23, 2009

      1. Rosetta Costantino has a ricotta class this coming Spring. She teaches in Emeryville and Sonoma (?). Fun class and dinner to boot.

        1. Hidden Villa has a one day class where you make mozzarella and chevre.

          1. thanks all! the hidden villa one looks great for my purposes, but it was full so i'll keep monitoring for an upcoming one. thanks!

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              I also tried to sign up for fully committed Hidden Villa class and in communicating with the staff, they said they anticipated offering another in the future. You may want to email them to get on their mailing list, if you're still interested.