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Jan 12, 2009 02:01 PM

Dinner at Squeel - finally real BBQ

I finally got to eat at squeal over the weekend-I was trying not to get to excited because I often get let down when dining at new restaurants. Myself and three others went to a casual dinner on Sat, It was great!!! The atmosphere is super casual, in fact so casual that some NOPD were in there eating and the owner was nice enough to bring in a tv for them to watch the playoff game. anyway back to the food. Since there were four of us we decided to order almost everything on the menu and split so we could all taste.

The stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat and andouille were awesome, but be careful as I forget stuffed mushrooms are always hotter then expected.

The onion rings were really good aswell almost beer battered but not as thick so they were a lot easier to eat.

the brisket was so tender that it was falling apart, we had the baked beans and collard greens as our side with the birsket-both were fantastic- you could really taste the bacon in the beans and the ham hock in the collard greens very tasty

the pulled pork was also really good their house bbq sauce is really tangy I love bbq sauce that you can actually taste the vinager. We had the cheese grits and the coleslaw with the pulled pork. The cheese grits were outstanding and the cole slaw was good (it's hard to make coleslaw that is better then ok-i'm just not a big fan.)

I've saved the best for last. The ribs were out of this world, but the thing that made them so much better then anywhere else is that they were cooked so well that you just had to touch the meat and it fell off the bone! potato salad was good and the corn was good as well. Each dish came with a corn bread fritter which i thought was a really nice touch.

We washed all that down with some Abita Amber! Excellent for a casual dinner or late night eat- I asked the owner, they are open till 2:00am for all you late nighters!

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  1. I actually posted about this place last week. I was also really pleased with my experience. I love barbecue and this is some good barbecue. And they are open late. I really hope they do well and I plan on doing my part to see that they do.

    And yea, those ribs were fantastic. Nothing like good ribs.

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      Seems like they're still working out the kinks. I went early on a Friday night and they were out of bbq'd chicken and served us hush puppies that were cold on the inside. Also service was a bit overattentive, with someone popping out to ask us if everything was OK every 5 minutes. The meat was good but the portions seemed a little small considering the price. All things considered I was a little disappointed but it has potential.

    2. I've been told that barbecue cognoscenti frown on ribs that are "falling off the bone," since this is supposed to be a sign that the ribs have been boiled.

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      1. re: slave_to_the_passions

        I disagree with that. If you cook ribs long enough, they fall off the bone. In my experience it has nothing to do with boiling.

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          My darling husband is a bit of an aficionado, and he says that real, true bbq can achieve falling-off-the-bone status, but there is a marked difference in texture between that and boiled. In his opinion, Squeal wasn't the real deal. The only place he likes in NO is the Joint, which he compares very favorably to his end-all be-all, the Smoky Pig (I think near Atlanta?)

          1. re: JGrey

            True bbq CAN fall off the bone, but shouldn't. That's what's called "meat jello" by bbqers. It should retain a bit of tug. This is just as a braise could continue for so long you wouldn't even need to chew it, but this isn't ideal.

        2. We are also lovers of BBQ so when a new place in NOLA opens up it is imperative to try it out. Our main courses included pulled pork, beef brisket, and ribs. Our sides included grits, cole slaw, greens, and onion rings. Let me start with the sides: the onion rings were OK at best. They do not compare to other local options (Mahoney's and Charlie's). The greens were good, sweet and a but spicy. The cole slaw was also good but with a touch too much mayo. This may not apply if you like mayo cole slaw. The grits were good, not great.

          The main dishes were all decent but not great. They all lacked a smoky flavor and smell to them, although they appear to have been cooked correctly. The brisket was my least favorite, as it usually is, followed by the ribs and the pulled pork. The ribs had a spicy flavor that appears to have been added once they were cooked, and not a pre-smoking rub as I think it should be. I believe these ribs were not par-boiled as some here have claimed as the meat came off the bone nicely and not in a goopy way.

          Overall I would say it is a decent place, but I still claim that The Joint is the best in town. It worth the trip and Google told me that it is the same distance from my house that Squeal was. The Joint rivals the N Georgia and TN places which set the standard for real BBQ and that is where we'll go until a new place opens up to try!