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Jan 12, 2009 02:00 PM

Bittman Non-Stick

Does anyone know what brand/model of non-stick fry pan Mark Bittman uses his in Minimalist videos?

Here's a link:



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  1. The pans in the video look like anodized aluminum, not technically non-stick. I could be wrong.

    I'm pretty sure the pan here:
    is also anodized aluminum.

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    1. re: taos

      I agree, I was just looking at it and thinking the same thing, that it's anodized aluminum. The handle looks like something from Analon or Circulon (from some images I perused on Amazon) but I couldn't find a pan that had the helper/loop handle or looked identical otherwise.

      1. re: ccbweb

        Thanks for the effort! I was doing the same (looking on Amazon). It seems to be slicker than anodized aluminum would be, but I guess they were using a good bit of oil in most of the videos. Basically, I am looking for a solid non-stick for a reasonable price. I paid ~$30 for a calphalon one which was ok for about a year before the teflon started to turn an odd color and scrape up (I took good care of the pan, hand washing, etc.). I'm looking at maybe getting a restaurant Wear-Ever with the Ceramiguard II (like here http://www.webstaurantstore.com/12-li...). Any thoughts?

        1. re: niebeendend

          According to many posters here,
          Calphalon has a lifetime warranty.
          I have a Vollrath non-stick, used only
          for eggs and such, which shows no
          signs of wear after more than a year.
          It's comparable to Wear-Ever.