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Jan 12, 2009 01:57 PM

Anniversary Recommendation - Downtown Boston

Hi! I'm looking for a recommendation for our anniversary dinner - we are coming in from the burbs and staying overnight in the city - I am looking for something cozy and romantic with great seafood entrees. Any style of cuisine is fine - just want some delicious seafood and a great atmosphere! Thanks for your help!

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  1. Great Bay, Commonwealth Hotel in Kenmore Square, delicious seafood.

    1. I have always been very happy with the seafood and the service at Atlantic Fish Company on Boylston Street. I don't thin I would describe that as particularly cozy or romantic though. If you want to go in the Italian direction you could also try Mare in the North End or even Neptune Oyster.

      1. I don't think either Great Bay or Atlantic Fish (did they reopen after the fire?) are particularly anniversary worthy. Any of Boston's great restaurants will have good fish options. My vote goes to Clio (you can stay right in the Eliot Hotel -- request a suite on a high floor overlooking Comm Ave) or No. 9 Park.

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          I second both Clio and No 9 Park. One thought would be to have drinks and a few dishes at Uni which is the "sashimi" bar within but separate from Clio, then head to Clio for entrees and desserts. I have sashimi in quotes because many of their dishes are more fusion than strictly Japanese, but they always have a marvelous assortment of seafood. I find it romantic, and by doing two destinations without having to go outside you could really make an evening of it.

        2. This place is great: my husband and I went here for a special occasion - it was really cool. Set up in the back of a boutique, it's trendy and the food is great! Not sure they are the proper "seafood" place, but you can't go wrong here.

          1. I agree Atlantic FIsh and Great Bay are not anniversary worthy. Persephone at Achilles Project is so-so and pretty much in the middle of a desolate section of town. Clio and No. 9 Park are top shelf and definetely anniversary worthy. I would also throw in Mistral (Dover Sole is signature dish) and Sorrelina as other places to consider. Clio and No. 9 would most likely be a bit more subdued while Mistral/Sorrelina probably a bit louder and livelier but certainly a great atmosphere.

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              Thanks for all the info! I have eaten at Great Bay and although it was good, I would not say it was great. Atlantic Fish used to be a frequent lunch place for us where I used to work, so it has lost all it's "romanticness" by virture of that...

              We were actually thinking of Mamma Maria in the North End. I have never been there and it seems to have some great reviews on here. The scallop bisque with fennel and red pepper looks worthy of a visit alone....

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                Troquet, for one of the tasting menus, upstairs table by the window looking out over the Common

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                  I love Mamma Maria. It's romantic and the food is excellent. I didn't recommend it because it's obviously not a seafood restaurant, but I see they do have a couple of fish entrees.

                  They don't keep their on-line menu up to date, so don't get wed to anything you see there unless it's one of those worthy signature dishes with the asterisk next to it. It might be worth abandoning the seafood to have one of those.

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                    I think it's a done deal with Mamma Maria - thank you so much for all of the suggestions. Thanks Polly for the tips on the menu too! I have a hard time NOT looking beforehand and analyizing what I am going to choose. Do all foodies do that?

                    Have a great week everyone!

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                      I'll study a restaurant's menu if there's a slight chance I'll be going there six months from now.

                      Another menu tip: I've had two desserts there, the coconut bread and the chocolate torte, and both were disappointing, so I'd opt for one of the other desserts, or, better yet, stop at Mike's around the corner for a box of cannoli beforehand, and eat them when you get home.

                      Let us know how it goes.

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                        I did not compare it to the one on the Mamma Maria website, but this menu may be more up to date:


                        The Osso Buco is excellent and always is on the menu.