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Jan 12, 2009 01:32 PM

downtown seattle, solo

am staying at downtown hotel and have one night solo. would like something that's an easy walk, not too touristy, not too fancy, but good food. seafood perhaps or italian, nice glass of wine, low key...suggestions?

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  1. Black Bottle, The Palace Kitchen, UMI, Le Pichet, The Pink Door, etc

    1. I vote for Palace Kitchen, at the bar. Food is great, and I think TD's service is reliably warm and wonderful -- something that I find especially important when dining alone.

      1. Cafe Campagne or Place Pigalle - both in Pike Market. Very comfortable to sit at the bar and have dinner.

        1. Brasa has a nice bar and lounge where it's very comfortable to dine solo. There's a separate bar menu (w/ a super happy hour) and the dining menu available.

          1. The bar at Union. The best seafood in town, imo.