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Jan 12, 2009 01:22 PM

Seeking recipe approximation of Golden Bird fried chicken

I'm wondering if any of you might have a recipe/technique that approximates what the Golden Bird fried chicken chain of southern California serves. When I lived in SoCal it was my absolute favorite.

I'm quite adept at frying tender, crispy, flavorful chicken. That's not the issue. I'd like to know how they achieve that incredible crust. Anyone know?

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  1. Its important to let the coated chicken pieces air dry for at least a 1/2 hour before frying. I also use a portable hair dryer to GENTLY speed up the drying process. i believe this removes the moisture that causes the meat to boil instead of frying crisply in the oil but whatever the reason the chicken is very crisp and much tastier.

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      Ahh, I see. thanks for the tip! So the secret to getting that crust on a battered chicken is drying. That makes sense. When I've tried a batter before (as opposed to simply dredging in seasoned flour) the outside has been crisp, but the inside sort of gummy. Probably because it's steaming underneath there instead of frying.

      Now to get a good batter recipe and try this again. :) Thanks very much, Katmeat.