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Jan 12, 2009 01:03 PM

ISO Cookbook for Slow-cooker/crock-pot?

Just got a slow-cooker for Christmas. I had one of everything else, but somehow missed out on the crock-pot craze the first time around and now, with the renewed interest in long, slow braises for budget meats combined with energy concerns for using an oven for 5+ hours, well I've got one now!

The only cookbook I have that addresses slow cookers is lame, with lots of "add a can of mushroom soup" recipes. Any good cookbook reccomendations out there?

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  1. The cookbook you have must be "Fix it and forget it" Great book if you have a few cases of Cream of alligator soup laying around.
    There are a few good ones. One is :Not your mother's slowcooker: or something close to that.
    There is another one .. The Gourmet Slowcooker. Lots of prep in that one though.

    1. My suggestion is to look at non-US publishers -- I have searched online and CANNOT for the life of me find the one I gave my s-i-l last year. It's published in England and is full of fascinating, unique, delicious-looking recipes including amazing steamed puddings and all manner of other lovely things. If I figure out what in the name of Jeebus it's called, I'll let you know.

      1. Billieboy: you either have ESP or there is a dramatic dearth of slow-cooker for foodies cookbooks out there! 'Fix-It and Forget It' is exactly the one I have and you are dead-on with that description: I don't like to be mean-spirited, but it is a depressing collection of food ideas...with a heavy reliance on ingredients from the 50' reminds me a lot of Kraft commercials from my unenlightened youth.

        LauraGrace: good idea-I did fine a few recipes tucked into a section of Joy of Cooking (the most recent edition) and they are more inspired. I will check out Amazon.UK

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          There is a dearth of good slow cooker cookbooks and I haven't found one I like. But there are plenty of bad ones, and websites, out there. I've tried a couple from England, too.

          My suggestion would be to find your favorite braise recipes and use those for the crockpot but make sure to reduce liquids.

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            Fix it is well known as a cookbook filled with short cuts that would make even Betty Crocker would blush. That book is just plain scary.

          2. How I use my slow cooker..I get ideas from both "Slow Mediterranean" and "All About Braising". These are excellent books and the recipes are easily adapted to a slow-cooker. I consider a slow-cooker just an electric dutch oven.

            1. There are some bad ones out there. My favorites are:
              "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker"
              "Healthy Slow Cooker" recipes (or something like is Finlayson)
              and "Slow Cooker Ready and Waiting" by Rodgers is excellent