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Jan 12, 2009 12:58 PM

1960's Dark Red Sweet Hamburger Relish

I am 53 and I remember back in the 1960's,my mother would stop and buy a bag full if burgers for her five kids.On the burgers was a real dark red sweet relish that I don't see on the burgers of today.Why is this?It was the best relish I every had.Places like Fosters Freeze and McDonald's I think they used it.many small burger dives also used it.If someone can tell me what type and where I can get this sweet red relish please.
If your about my age you should remember it also,do you?
I think they should bring it back again.Do you?
Santa Cruz Calif.

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  1. Hey there. I'm 55 years old and I distinctly remember the relish to which you refer. I believe that it had tomato and/or sweet red peppers as well as the standard sweet relish ingredients. When I lived in southern California I was able to find a product called a "chili sauce" that came in a round jar and had that same flavor/texture. Sadly, I've forgotten the brand name of it. It would be nice to have that stuff on a burger again!

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      I remember that stuff, in fact, my brother-in-law almost always has a jar in the fridge. And I can't remember the name either but the words "chili sauce" are pretty prominent on the label. I think you can still find it at most upscale grocery stores. My BIL is in NorCal, so I'm thinking Raly's, Andronicos, Dragers, Molly Stones and the like. Not only was that red relish pretty darn good on burgers it's pretty darn good on eggs too.

    2. This relish is still easy to find in the northeast. Steinfeld's and Del Monte both make red burger relish. The Del Monte brand has a hamburger on the label. The love for red relish was duscused on the LA board a while back. HOWS Market -- 4 locations in LA offers both brands. Maybe if you call them they can help you find a store near you. I liked the Steinfeld's more.

      1. You may be thinking of Piccalilli Relish....made with green tomatoes, very populat many years ago and making a comeback.

        1. If it is "chili sauce" which I remember it to be, I can only find it in the ketchup area at Ralph's markets in So.Cal. It also, mixed with Best Food mayo makes a delightful sauce for sanwiches, fish, etc. on on BLT!! Cant remember brand vut look for it there.