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Jan 12, 2009 12:58 PM

Sunday in Sebastopol (or nearby)?

We've booked a stay in Sebastopol this Sunday night and were crestfallen to learn that Restaurant Eloise is closed on Sundays. Any suggestions for places with similar fare/quality for Sunday dinner?

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  1. I haven't been there, but I always wanted to try French Garden Restuarnt

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      I don't believe that anyone who has eaten at both within the past few months would say these two are any where close to comparable. Eloise is very good. Unfortunately recent experience and feedback from many others show French Garden to be quite average to mediocre.

    2. If I were staying in Sebastopol, I would probably go to Mark Malicki's Cafe St. Rose. The food is usually quite good in a fun atmosphere.

      1. Not sure if it's open but K&L Bistro is my favorite place downtown.

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        1. I called the host/reservationist at Eloise to lament their Sunday closing and request recommendations for an alternative. The host was very enthusiastic about Farmhouse Inn in Forestville. Sample menu at Farmhouse is comparable to Eloise, prices a gulp higher. Any recent experiences?

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            Farmhouse Inn is fabulous! However, it is certainly pricier than Eloise and it's not really very close by. That said, if you haven't tried it, I predict you will discover your new favorite Sonoma County restaurant! I'm sure I posted on my last meal there - it was over a year ago (only because I don't spend that kind of money very often) but to my knowledge neither the chef nor the sommelier have changed since then.

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              Or if you don't want to drive that far, I've always been happy with the Underwood in Graton, which is much closer and has excellent food.

            2. re: dordogne

              dordogne, with the high praise I'd read over the years we went to the F.Inn last summer. It was good, but fairly generic cali-cum-continental fancy cooking academy stuff. I hoped for locally sourced ingredients, and they appeared in salad and side dishes, but most of the main courses were based on fancy-named fish/animals brought in many miles (N.Zealand for example). Soup was one of the best things we had; its main ingredient was fresh/local and the rich(dairy product based) prep suited it well. The name Farmhouse I thought was merely a name--the food could have been made in an up-market shopping mall almost anywhere (granted, with high standards in the kitchen), but that's perfect for people of a certain economic class who like predictability. Probably 9/10 people who go there love it, so it's quite a 'safe' recommendation to make. We enjoyed the meal for what it was, but wouldn't return.