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Jan 12, 2009 12:44 PM

20th Birthday - Inexpensive Restaurant/Lounge

My birthday's in a few weeks, and I'm looking to celebrate somewhere downtown, but I'm having the hardest time choosing a place to go. I'm looking for a place a group of around 15 people can eat a sit-down meal, but also get up and dance. A total meal price around $20-30 would be great - we're all on student budgets. As for music and atmosphere, somewhere young and fun playing a mix of Top 40 and Indie would be ideal. From what I've read and seen about The Drake, something like that but less expensive would be perfect. I've seen a couple other similar topics, but I couldn't tell if the places suggested were the type that also allowed for some dancing. Any ideas would be really appreciated!

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  1. Supermarket in Kensington (all mains $10-$15). Very good Caribbean Asian fusion menu. Turns into a alterna-dance/DJ club after 10. Tres fonky! and quite large, too, so a large group isn't a problem.

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      I was also going to suggest Supermarket. The food is great and so is the after-dinner vibe.

    2. Insomnia won't end up in dancing but it has more indie music and is right around the corner from the Dance Cave which does...the food is great and affordable and they have an awesome martini list too!

      But yeah, otherwise, Supermarket.

      I hear they serve food at Tattoo Rock Parlour. but not sure the price/age range.

      1. How about Mini Market at College & Clinton? Tapas menu means lots of fun sharing, but at roughly $10 per item, I suppose it could get expensive if you're big eaters. Good vibes there and you can head just down the road after dinner for drinks, dancing, etc.

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          Isn't Mini Market owned by the Supermarket guys — almost identical menus? DJs but no dancing. It's quite small.

        2. I was actually looking into Supermarket as well, but I wasn't sure - how's the "style code"? I'd sort of like to dress up, and would feel a little silly wearing a fancy little dress in Kensington.

          Insomnia was also an option, but I'm moreso looking for somewhere that combines the dancing and the dinner - I have non-clubbing types attending, which makes it more difficult.

          Any more suggestions? You're all incredibly helpful.

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            Just a friendly reminder, Folks, please keep the focus on the food and drink.