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Jan 12, 2009 12:44 PM

Good Restaurants in Montevideo, Uruguay?

Can anyone suggest some good food in Montevideo? Thanks.

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  1. Yes!!!!!! A good friend and I went to Montevideo a year and a half ago to prove everyone wrong, montevideo is a fantastic place. we stayed in the old part of town, i know definetly not everyones cup of tea, but we live in buenos aires and are acclimated to old, dirty, a bit run down and a tiny scary. i did a review and talk about all the restaurants we went to and it has the names and the addresses. have a great time eating, i know i did. [url=] restaurant reviews [/url]

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      Wow, where do you live in BA? San Telmo?

      Can I paraphrase, but with a "cup half full" angle... "We are acclimated to historic, unkept character that Americans find intimidating."

      Unless of course you are fond of things that are "old, dirty, run-down and scary." Not really sure, it's your neighborhood. Either way maybe I'll find this "crazy fruit drink" while I'm in Montevideo.

    2. hey timbre i envy you.

      we took a day trip to montevideo from bs as and really enjoyed it a lot.

      right off the ferry, the mercado del puerto is ground zero for food in the city. it isnt the slightest bit cheesy -- its filled with locals and visitors alike. as you will see, this is the place for parillada. i hope you like beef! the local beers are good too. we ate here before leaving.

      the other thing is to stroll the main drag through town (Avenida 18 de Julio) and stop at an outdoor plaza cafe to have a chivito steak sandwich for lunch. we did so at plaza de la constitucion.

      i know there is a restaurant called el fogon that is also perenially highly regarded that you might try too, esp if you want to have seafood. its on san jose, a cool/atmospheric street parallel to 18 de julio.

      i wish we would have stayed overnight or longer as the whole feel and look of the city is awesome in its quiet boom/bust faded glory. it also has an obviously wonderful nightlife scene...even tho we didn't get to experience it. not to mention other uruguay tourist attractions like colonia & punta del este. have fun & report back!

      1. Does anyone know where, in Montevideo (hopefully the CV or center) to watch the Super Bowl? I mean, does anyone know where to get some great food in Montevideo while watching the Super Bowl??

        Gracias por adelantado!

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          Just do the No Reservations tour of Montevideo. AB hit it spot on with his choices. Mercado for steak and chivitos at Marco's in Pocitios neighborhood.

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            Nobody can deny that the Uruguayan Parilla is the best way to eat meat but I don't agree that Mercado del Puerto is THE best place to do it. Its a lovely place with a good atmosphere but the prices are much higher than normal.

            Here are my recommendations for where to eat a great parilla, where to find Sushi in Montevideo, where to find the best ice-cream ever and where to try Uruguay's famous empanadas....its all here

            1. re: irishelaine

              The Mercado is really one of the most fantastic food places in the world. We spent a day and went from restaurant to restaurant. It was fantastic. Also La Fogata in the historic district is very good. Around the corner was a sushi restaurant - we had eaten so much steak and blood pudding by that time it seemed a propos. It was marvelous. I can't remember the name though but I was very impressed by all the food in Montevideo.

        2. Where to eat and drink in Montevideo. One of the best places to eat and drink it’s at „Parrillada La Charrette“, Address: Ayacucho 3199, Montevideo, Uruguay,, Parrillada-Restaurant with big terrase, open tuesday to saturday from 19:00 to 1.00. A wonderful little romantic place for dinner in which exquisite meat and great oldies music combine in order to make a fabulous meel. Color changing wall lights help you to calm down and relax before eating. Parrillada La Charrette has a Slow Food philosophy. It‘s the first Slow Food Parrillada in Uruguay. You will share a new sensory experience. Considered by locals as one of the best Parrillada of Montevideo and one of the unknown toursist gems. The Rural-Gaucho style decoration makes the place very warm and cosy. It‘s located in a very safe and chic neighbourhood called Parque Battle (in front of a famous tree called „El Ombú de Parque Batlle“, close to the very famous Football Stadium „Estadio Centenario“. The Batlle Park is One of the largest park. His owner „Alejandro“ is very friendly and makes you feel at home. He speaks perfekt german, swiss german, french, english, italian, portuguese, and of course spanish. Certainly one of the best little Parrillada-Restaurant from Montevideo. Doubtless the only and the first Parrillada-Restaurant in whole Uruguay serving all dishes "à la minute". In addition to this the prices are not high at all so you can eat without thinking on how much will it cost. After eating you can walk (1 km) to the next exclusive neighborhood „Pocitos“ and walk along the shore of „Pocitos Beach“, Playa Pocitos. Enjoy it: Montevideo, Uruguay, Restaurant, Parrillada, Meat, Carne Seleccionada, Chorizo, Morcilla Dulce, Morcilla Salada, Entrecôte, Pulpa, Matambrito, Pollo, Costilla de Cerdo, Asado de Tira, Ensaldas, Postres. Prof. Dr. Med. Sommer