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Diversity Buffet in Exton?

The new Buffet place near Giant in Exton is said to now be open. Anyone planning to check it out? They advertise american, asian, italian. There's a little info at www.diversitybuffet.com
Their prices according to email are 7.29/7.99 for lunch and 11.99/12.99 for dinner, the higher price for friday/saturday/sunday.
Report back if anyone tries it.

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  1. We tried it for lunch today. We were honestly a bit disappointed by the lack of "Diversity" that the name might imply. It is primarily chinese buffet. It is not a bad one.
    First I'll say it is a nice and pretty large space with a good setup. I don't know what was there before but I liked the kind of ambience and layout. There are basically 4 buffet bar areas and in the middle is a chef with sushi area and hibachi area.
    Selection is similar in a lot of ways to nearby China Grill. My friend preferred China Grill overall. I'm not totally sure, there were some things I think I liked better at Diversity Buffet.
    You can also grab raw meats/shrimp, vegetables and noodles and the chef will make them on the hibachi (kind of like mongolian bbq). That I found better than the grilled to order items I have had at China Grill.
    There were a few tables seated when we went after 1pm and they weren't suddenly breaking down or removing stuff while we were there. Service was also good and they refilled drinks constantly.
    I thought they also had some good and interesting sushi rolls, including one with tempura.
    Salad and fruits were better than China Grill. I never really try the salad at China Grill but I ate some here and the fruit selection may be a little better.
    They don't have the standard soft serve ice cream machine but have 6 flavors of scoop your own ice cream (in a hershey's ice cream freezer). I didn't really notice any toppings.

    They've only been open 5 days so it'll be interesting to see how they do. There is also Panera opening in that shopping center.

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      I agree with this report. A month later and its still just a normal chinese buffet. They claim to be the largest in chester county but I don't know how they measure that. Its not very different from the China Grill buffet in the Main Street shopping center. The most interesting thing was the frog legs, surprisingly large and tasty (like chicken of course).

      If you want a more exciting menu, HanDynasty is just on the other side of Rt 100 (no buffet).

    2. I've been to this buffet at least 6 times now since they've opened. I have tried the other 2 Chinese buffets in the area...King Buffet and China Grill. I think this one has taken the lead.
      They seem to have a lot more of a selection also better desserts--6 flavors of ice cream and sometimes a chocolate fountain for strawberries, pretzels, and marshmellows. They also have the usual fried donuts, pastries, puddings, and fruit.
      They also have lots of seafood..raw oysters, about 5 or 6 kinds of shrimp, crawfish, clams, scallops, squid, froglegs, salmon, flounder, and crab legs. I will admit, you have to be there during a busy time for the crab legs to be good...when enough people eat them so they have to keep bringing new ones out.
      I'm not much of a salad eater, but the salad bar does look very appetizing and fresh. They also have a chef who will cook many different dishes to order for you while you wait. Also for sushi lovers, there is a nice selection of that as well.
      The prices are very fair..around $12 to $13 for all you can eat. The service is great--they always refill your drinks and take your empty plates with a smile.
      They don't do much advertising, I hope this place survives because not many people know it exists yet.

      1. My mom lives up that way and she wanted to go there for lunch today. Scratch another one off my list (unless Mom REALLY wants me to take her there again). My favorite thing there was the chocolate fountain. Okay, and it was reasonably priced ($7.99). Maybe it's just that I REALLY don't like AYCE buffets.

        1. Last week I made an attempt to eat here but the visit was cut very short.I was turned off by the filthy fish tank in the lobby and the dead goldfish floating around the bottom.That was my signal to exit.

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            I'll admit, that fish tank is a bit dirty, but that's because it sits right in direct sunlight. That is why it has so much algae in it. Once you get inside, everything in the place is spotless.

          2. I've been here several times now - not because i'm choosing it - but because my husband loves, repeat loves, chinese buffets. i'm not a fan - i mean i can usually find something but - its just not by thing. so - saying that - i've been to china grill a lot and king buffet a good bit.

            things i like about diversity -

            1 - great price. i mean, the lunch price, you just can't beat considering the amount of food. we went for dinner once but since we don't care about the crab legs, just go at lunch now for the exact same food (minus a few things) for an even cheaper price.

            2 - great service. we are promptly seated, drinks constantly are refilled, and staff are all over, readily available.

            3 - its clean. yea, the fish tank in the lobby is gross from sitting in the sun and gathering algae. but inside the actual buffet area, the booths, the high chairs, floor, etc - all very clean. bathroom is too. this is huge to me. the other two in the area don't seem as clean to me. so this one wins in that area. plus its newer, that has a lot to do with the 'feeling' and 'looking' clean i'm sure.

            4 - the grilled to order area. the other two do not have this and i think it gives this place an edge on them. its fresh and done right in front of you. very good.

            5 - the sushi is done right there in front of you - and tastes fresh. i've eaten sushi at the other two - decent for a buffet. but the sushi here tastes more fresh to me and its a big plus i can see the guy putting it together behind the line. bonus points.

            6 - who doesn't love a chocolate fountain?? ! !

            a few issues i have with it -

            1 - you can't ask the staff questions. i mean you could haha but you'd just get some head nodding and yes yes. i have yet to encounter one staff person here that is fluent in english. yes, this is an issue at all of them but i think at the other two the hosts are all very fluent and are able to come over if assistance is needed. here - no.

            2 - largest buffet? i agree with xtownj that it doesn't seem to be the largest to me - i doubt it. i mean it really just seems the same size. nothing massive so don't get your hopes up for endless row upon row.

            3 - diverse? like leepinleemur said, its a chinese buffet. the american part i can see - they have a few things like french fries, some steamed veggies, mac n cheese, some horrible looking mashed potatoes, etc. and a salad bar. but italian - i saw nothing that resembled italian food in anyway whatsoever.

            4 - the fried donuts - i know this may not be huge to most folks but i love htese darn things and here - not so much. why? they are kept with the desserts here - which makes sense BUT - then they're cold. hello? these babies are meant to be eaten warm and should be kept under the warmers like the other foods. sigh. i didn't waste the calories eating it cold.

            overall, i liked it good enough (for a chinese buffet). me? i prefer the indian buffet at taste of india right next door to it. now THAT is a good buffet! its been too long since i've been there. so next time thats where we're headed!!!!

            1. We went here for Mother's day & it was very good. The place was very clean, I do admit the fish tank was dirty as I had seen that someone on here put, but don't let that turn you away. The waitress was quick to bring drinks and extra napkins. The buffet was very clean and well stocked. The crab legs were nice and hot and cooked just right. All the food was very good. They didn't really have alot of "diversity" mainly chinese and seafood but it was worth it. The hibachi grill was also very well stocked & the chef was great at making the food from there. They did have the chocolate fountain and the kids loved that! There was also ice cream, self dipped of 6 different kinds that was also good. I look forward to going back very much worth the money.

              1. I would never eat at a restaurant that puts a dirty fish tank out front in the direct sun... I assume those fish are "pets" and not used for dinner... who leaves a pet to suffer in the direct sun for all customers to see? That alone makes me not want to eat there. The unsanitary factor is a whole 'nother level...

                1. Today we went to Diversity's lunch buffet for the first time and we were very pleased. It has an interesting interior and a nice atmosphere. The mostly-Asian foods had a distinctively refreshing taste change from the usual Chinese buffet fare. The meat dishes had the most tender meat I have ever had at a buffet. The vegetables were not overcooked, the shrimp were perfect and crunchy. I tried 5 different chicken dishes, two beef dishes and and the garlic shrimp and each had it own unique fresh flavor. The sushi had some familiar and some unusual choices and was fun. My fiance was pleased with the build-your-own stir fries and I went back for seconds on the chicken, the shrimp and some Mongolian beef that had just been put out. I also much enjoyed the very thin noodles which had a bit of flavor in them. And the kim-chee! I haven't had kim-chee in a while and it was quite hot and delicious. For dessert my fiance enjoyed an ice cream cone and some chocolate dipped marshmallows and I had some lonquats (fruit) and a brownie-like chocolate square. We were thrilled with the food and plan to come back for lunch once a week.

                  And for all who mentioned the fish tank - it is clean now and the fish were colorful and happy.

                  1. Returned for dinner on Friday. It was fairly busy, but service was still attentive. They seemed a little slow at refilling some things, especially the crab legs. There were some nice sushi rolls with fresh avocado and they always have a couple of special rolls. They also had tempura fried rolls. My hibachi choices came out really well and this part really makes it worth the money. We took a coupon from valpak so it was $9.99 per person.
                    I will say that a lot of the labels were either mispositioned or just not updated which was confusing at times. I didn't do too many of the traditional chinese dishes, but overall it was enjoyable. I think the wife like China Grill a little better as they have a few more vegetarian items.

                    1. My fiance and I enjoy Diversity Buffet a lot. The sushi selection is better at night (more fish ones) but there is a tip jar there so maybe you can ask for specific types any time. The buffet food was only a bit overcooked one time and the rest of the time it tasted pretty freshly cooked with tender meats. I love the Hibachi bar. Not as many selections as a Mongolian barbeque but all of the standard raw meats (including shrimp) and a good selection of raw vegetables are there. Build your own stir fry contents, tell the chef what sauces(s) you want, and stick a dollar in the tip jar when you get it back cooked. But the buffet food is so good I often skip the hibachi feature. BTW - salad bar has super hot Kim Chee. Dessert is fairly standard for Chinese buffets with the addition of scoop-it-yourself ice cream (I am fond of the dark chocolate) and I wish they would get green tea flavor. Two thumbs up from me.

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                        I'm glad someone brought this post current. Based on the somewhat positive reviews, I went there for dinner on a Saturday night about 2 months ago. I thought the food was very very poor. My husband (who will eat just about anything with glee) concurred.

                        The sushi was inedible and the hibachi sauces were bland. There weren't any interesting, authentic dishes. Even the chicken and broccoli tasted funky. It's times like this when I question the veracity of these boards. Most posters denigrate Minado, yet Diversity gets positve reviews? Doesn't make sense to me. I realize these may not be the same posters, but I'm just flabbergasted. Diversity was quite possibly the worst Chinese buffet I've ever been to, whereas Minado actually serves good, satisfying food. If you're jonesing for a good Chinese buffet, try the King Buffet in Plymouth Meeting or the one on City Ave.

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                          IMHO, "good Chinese buffet" is an oxymoron.

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                            I am definitely only one poster - violet4ever. My fiance and I really liked the place. We are not used to having a place with a Hibachi grill at all. The sushi was artistic and fresh. And we loved many of the buffet dishes especially Jalapeno Chicken, Pan Chicken, Mongolian beef and the one with shrimp and zucchini. And we especially enjoyed that they had dishes that not only tasted freshly cooked but were different from the usual Chinese buffet fare. HOWEVER, we went last night (2/18/2010) and it is now under new management and will change its name to Grace Buffet. The kimchi is gone, the artistic sushi is replaced with a small selection of normal sushi, the garlic and wine are gone from the Hibachi sauce choices leaving only Soy, Teriaki and hot oil and the fare is more typical of every Chinese buffet (however my fiance says it looked like they were in the process of rearranging the buffet and hibachi so maybe garlic and wine will be back as choices). I still like the atmosphere and it's usually nice and comfy warm in there even on a really cold day, but it is not the same place anymore.

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                              Thanks for the update, Violet. We will keep an eye on how it changes.