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Jan 12, 2009 11:30 AM

Diversity Buffet in Exton?

The new Buffet place near Giant in Exton is said to now be open. Anyone planning to check it out? They advertise american, asian, italian. There's a little info at
Their prices according to email are 7.29/7.99 for lunch and 11.99/12.99 for dinner, the higher price for friday/saturday/sunday.
Report back if anyone tries it.

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  1. We tried it for lunch today. We were honestly a bit disappointed by the lack of "Diversity" that the name might imply. It is primarily chinese buffet. It is not a bad one.
    First I'll say it is a nice and pretty large space with a good setup. I don't know what was there before but I liked the kind of ambience and layout. There are basically 4 buffet bar areas and in the middle is a chef with sushi area and hibachi area.
    Selection is similar in a lot of ways to nearby China Grill. My friend preferred China Grill overall. I'm not totally sure, there were some things I think I liked better at Diversity Buffet.
    You can also grab raw meats/shrimp, vegetables and noodles and the chef will make them on the hibachi (kind of like mongolian bbq). That I found better than the grilled to order items I have had at China Grill.
    There were a few tables seated when we went after 1pm and they weren't suddenly breaking down or removing stuff while we were there. Service was also good and they refilled drinks constantly.
    I thought they also had some good and interesting sushi rolls, including one with tempura.
    Salad and fruits were better than China Grill. I never really try the salad at China Grill but I ate some here and the fruit selection may be a little better.
    They don't have the standard soft serve ice cream machine but have 6 flavors of scoop your own ice cream (in a hershey's ice cream freezer). I didn't really notice any toppings.

    They've only been open 5 days so it'll be interesting to see how they do. There is also Panera opening in that shopping center.

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      I agree with this report. A month later and its still just a normal chinese buffet. They claim to be the largest in chester county but I don't know how they measure that. Its not very different from the China Grill buffet in the Main Street shopping center. The most interesting thing was the frog legs, surprisingly large and tasty (like chicken of course).

      If you want a more exciting menu, HanDynasty is just on the other side of Rt 100 (no buffet).

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        1. I've been to this buffet at least 6 times now since they've opened. I have tried the other 2 Chinese buffets in the area...King Buffet and China Grill. I think this one has taken the lead.
          They seem to have a lot more of a selection also better desserts--6 flavors of ice cream and sometimes a chocolate fountain for strawberries, pretzels, and marshmellows. They also have the usual fried donuts, pastries, puddings, and fruit.
          They also have lots of seafood..raw oysters, about 5 or 6 kinds of shrimp, crawfish, clams, scallops, squid, froglegs, salmon, flounder, and crab legs. I will admit, you have to be there during a busy time for the crab legs to be good...when enough people eat them so they have to keep bringing new ones out.
          I'm not much of a salad eater, but the salad bar does look very appetizing and fresh. They also have a chef who will cook many different dishes to order for you while you wait. Also for sushi lovers, there is a nice selection of that as well.
          The prices are very fair..around $12 to $13 for all you can eat. The service is great--they always refill your drinks and take your empty plates with a smile.
          They don't do much advertising, I hope this place survives because not many people know it exists yet.

          1. My mom lives up that way and she wanted to go there for lunch today. Scratch another one off my list (unless Mom REALLY wants me to take her there again). My favorite thing there was the chocolate fountain. Okay, and it was reasonably priced ($7.99). Maybe it's just that I REALLY don't like AYCE buffets.