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Jan 12, 2009 11:24 AM

Aged meat?

Anyone know of a good Baltimore area butcher who knows how to dry age(hang) meat? And who will take special orders to do so? Thanks for any pointers!

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  1. If nothing suitable turns up in Baltimore, you might like My Butcher in the Crofton/Gambrills neighborhood.

    1. Also not quite in Baltimore, you might try Wagner's in Mt. Airy.

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      1. re: jfish

        Ceriello Fine Foods

        At Belvedere Square - I've always been pleased with their Beef, Lamp and Pork.

      2. I get most of my meat from Springfield Farms in Sparks. I can't remember the name of their butcher, but they'll take orders for pretty much anything. I've ordered lots of specific cuts (like boneless short ribs 4 inches long, etc) and they'll do it. They're super friendly, so it's probably worth a call to ask (or an email, but they're not always super fast at email - sometimes I'll get an answer that day, sometimes a week later).

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          I think Springfield Farms uses Wagner's