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Jan 12, 2009 11:05 AM

4 hour layover in Orlando

Any suggestions of great restaurants we could hit without straying too far from the airport?

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  1. One of my favorite things to eat when stuck at OIA is actually in the airport. If you go up to the lobby of the airport Hyatt, the restaurant there has the best crawfish bisque. I haven't ever really tried much else on the menu so I can't offer other recs.

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      They also have a nicer place on top called hemespheres. I think it is only open at night. The food is good there and you can look out over the lit up airport. You can take a cab up hwy 436. there are a few ethnic mom and pop peruvian,cuban and puertorican places. If you want something nice try the nearby hotels. 436 has every chain you can imagine.

    2. The airport is a sort no-man's-land, so any excursion will require a somewhat long & costly cab. it might even be cheaper to rent a car when you consider the two cab fares. Besides the Hyatt, the airport has a lot of shops to wander around in to pass the time. If it was me, I'd just relax at the airport as opposed to a somewhat rushed & costly meal.

      1. 4 hours isn't much time when you factor in heading from the gate in the tram into the main terminal, cabbing it to a restaurant, eating....then waiting for a cab to get back to the airport, waiting in line to get through TSA in the main terminal to get back to your gate terminal. (Esp. since we are in "tourist season" now through April so there are lots of leisure and business travelers going through security at all hours of the day and night.)

        There are some smaller ethnic places within 5 miles of the airport but I'd just hang at the airport. I'd skip the food court and head to one of the Hyatt restaurants, if you are there are night- be sure to check out Hemispheres which is wonderful.

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          Leaving the airport - even in the search of good chow - will leave you with a very real chance of missing your flight. You're not really going to be able to find food any better than in Austin. Orlando has good food, but I wouldn't risk a flight over it.

        2. McCoy's at the Hyatt if it's lunch time; Hemisphere on the 10th floor if it's dinner.