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New fixed priced menus at Clio and Uni

Just got this email:


New midweek three-course "market menu" for $49
New bar menu featuring small plates and Japanese-inspired tapas


Maki Mondays -- all you can eat maki for $32

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  1. Maki Monday sounds like a great way to kick off the week.

    1. Don't see anything on the Clio/Uni website -- is there a secret word one has to utter to get in on maki mondays, or just show up?

      1. Were there any specifics on the Market Menu?

        1. Does Uni still have that Sun. nite deal? Can't remember specifics, just that something inexpensive happened on Sun.

          1. After reading Blumie's post decided that a coworker and I would take advantage of the deal. Went over around 9pm and stayed until close, it was delightful. We sat at the bar and our chef rolled a seemingly endless stream of maki for us. He informed us that it was his first time making maki as it is normally not on the menu there, but it was terrific nonetheless. Also they didn't skimp on the menu as one might have assumed since it was obviously a reduced price. The two featured rolls were a foie gras and eel, which was fantastic, and a bluefin and jalepeno, which was also quite enjoyable. Service was notable pleasant, and they were even kind enough to throw in a dessert gratis. I will certainly be a return Monday night customer.

            Also for Joanie below, Sake Bomb Sundays is still happening. I asked our waitress and she said they are going to have them both running.

            1. I tried the Monday Maki tonight and it wasn't good. The two types available were the giant clam and himachi maki. They wrapped HUGE glob of brown/black rice around cucumber strips and tiny portion of chopped clam or himachi paste. There was so much rice that one can only taste the bland dry brown rice and crunchy black rice. I dipped it in soy sauce and then all I tasted was the soy sauce. Disappointed, I politely refused the waiter's request for refill and ordered from the a la cart sashimi menu. The individual sashimi presentations were good but ridiculously overpriced (example: domestic uni spoon w/ quail egg $17). It's no coincidence there was just one other couple eating at this place.

              1. These types of deals, at what is supposed to be a top Boston spot, are not a good sign. As soon as a place does all you can eat anything...

                Honestly I have never been that wowed by Clio. Uni at it's best has been very good but over-priced.

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                  The Four Seasons has an excellent "all you can eat" brunch.

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                    Well I'm sure Clio would prefer not to have to offer these deals, too.

                    Here's a link to an article in today's NYTimes titled "Anxiety Grips Restaurants":


                  2. Be aware that all-you-can-eat/special price seafood on Mondays is generally a way of clearing inventory on fish left over from the weekend before it goes South. I'm not saying that the fish has gone bad, per se, but it's definitely not as fresh or as good as it would be on other days. As a rule, eating seafood, especially where quality is a priority (i.e. sushi vs. deep-fried) on Sundays or Mondays... not risky, but likely to be significantly lower in quality.

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                      At pretty much any fine dining restaurant in Boston, you're often not going to be eating fish that was delivered the day you're eating it.
                      Even if fish is delivered every day, which it is (except Sundays), there will always be fish left over from the night before ...maybe even a couple of days before. Restaurants obviously lose money from 86ing any dish so it's in their best interest to order extra the night before.
                      In the restaurant world, seafood on Mondays is generally no less fresh than seafood that you're being served on any day of the week.
                      I've definitely seen fish in some delicious staff meals but more often than not it is going to get sold.

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                        I find postings like this irresponsible. When you go to a restaurant like Clio, you would hope that the quality of a meal would not be sacrificed in the name of using up aged ingredients. Certainly all restaurants, even the very best ones, have to be cost conscious -- now more than ever -- but most good ones know that the fastest way to going out of business is by selling inferior food. Which is not to say that it doesn't happen, but it's irresponsible to generalize and to say that one should always avoid ordering fish on a Monday.

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                          Everything in the restaurant biz has a shelf life and everything in the walkin's get a date and are rotated so that what's leftover is used up first. It's a restaurant way of life, to suggest otherwise is naive.

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                            I should amend my post by clarifying that I don't think Uni would be selling bad fish. I was saying that they would have such a special to potentially make sure they sell off all the fish before it goes bad. The fish quality might not be a lot worse on Sunday/Monday than other days of the week, but it is the time when it's most likely not to be its freshest, if there even is such a time. Given the choice, I'd rather just avoid even the possibility of this kind of situation.

                            I'm not trying to submarine Uni or to impugn their business practices, I'm looking forward to a day when I have enough money to go there, but I will probably tend towards times of the week when turnover is at its highest. Blumie is right in saying that it's not fair for me to generalize to the extent that I did. I can't say that this is what Uni is doing, but at least I can be more sure that this kind of thing is *not* happening on other days of the week.

                            And to deflect some of the blame for my statement, while I was definitely guilty of generalizing too broadly as Uni is a fish centric place, while most places that do this kind of thing are not, but I actually picked up that tip from Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential (which I highly recommend btw, but that's another conversation).

                        2. Had the market menu last night. The app was miso-lobster risotto - served in a small bowl, very rich and savory, very satisfying on a cold night. Entree was a choice between either rubbed hangar steak with potato puree or barbecued skate with a deconstructed noodle, fried peanuts and lime. I had the skate, which I loved (the noodle and the dried coconut powder were really nice touches). DC had the steak, which was steak. Dessert was supposed to be chocolate timbale but they ran out and was instead dark chocolate mousse with pear ice cream. All in all a solid deal for $50.

                          FWIW, Uni had more than two groups there when we left - maybe two tables open - but we didn't go down and look at the maki.

                          1. Certainly a sign of the times... our economy and the issues we're dealing with doesn't exactly lend itself to $400 dinners... so not surprising that Clio is adapting to offer a more affordable option. Look for more high end places to follow suit.

                            All you can eat Maki Monday?... Places like Clio will still put out a good and fresh product. Offered on Monday is more the fact that Monday is the slowest night of the week for a restaurant ... than having to "move fish". Besides, Maki Monday sounds better than Maki Tuesday... maybe we'll see Tuna Tuesdays or Waygu Wednesdays?

                            Same reason that L'Espalier has their Wine Mondays... and Cheese Tuesdays programs... to create traffic on traditionally slow days. Hmmn.. no alliteration though.

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                              Wagyu Wednesdays?!?!? Sign me up! ;)

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                                I saw this deal announced:

                                From surf to turf, starting February 16, every night of the week at 606 Congress (606 Congress St., 617.476.5606), Chef Toby T. Hill will be preparing an entrée -of-the-day as part of a new affordably priced $25 three-course prix-fixe of comforting, modern American cuisine. In addition to the special entrée each evening, the three-course prix-fixe will feature an appetizer, dessert and paired glass of wine to create a complete and hearty meal for 606 Congress diners.

                                $25 for a three course dinner, and it's not even Restaurant Week yet. Scare. Me.