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Jan 12, 2009 11:03 AM

New fixed priced menus at Clio and Uni

Just got this email:


New midweek three-course "market menu" for $49
New bar menu featuring small plates and Japanese-inspired tapas


Maki Mondays -- all you can eat maki for $32

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  1. Maki Monday sounds like a great way to kick off the week.

    1. Don't see anything on the Clio/Uni website -- is there a secret word one has to utter to get in on maki mondays, or just show up?

      1. Were there any specifics on the Market Menu?

        1. Does Uni still have that Sun. nite deal? Can't remember specifics, just that something inexpensive happened on Sun.

          1. After reading Blumie's post decided that a coworker and I would take advantage of the deal. Went over around 9pm and stayed until close, it was delightful. We sat at the bar and our chef rolled a seemingly endless stream of maki for us. He informed us that it was his first time making maki as it is normally not on the menu there, but it was terrific nonetheless. Also they didn't skimp on the menu as one might have assumed since it was obviously a reduced price. The two featured rolls were a foie gras and eel, which was fantastic, and a bluefin and jalepeno, which was also quite enjoyable. Service was notable pleasant, and they were even kind enough to throw in a dessert gratis. I will certainly be a return Monday night customer.

            Also for Joanie below, Sake Bomb Sundays is still happening. I asked our waitress and she said they are going to have them both running.