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Jan 12, 2009 10:58 AM


Went to Circolo on a Sat night, not the greatest night to judge a rest. We went early, and at the early part at least we could hear and it was easy parking, as the night wore on the restaurant which bills itself as an "ultra lounge" got extremely loud. We were sandwiched in on the lower lever between 1 party of 20 and one party of 40. The food seems of reasonable quality- the portions are skimpy. We ordered the tuna ceviche and ahi tartare- they seemed like pretty common dishes, nicely presented- I didn't taste every element that was listed on the menu. For entrees we ordered Pacific wild salmon ($23), and signature miso glazed chilean sea bass ($27) (is it ok to eat that fish on the sustainability level)- the portions were small- I would estimate a 4-5 oz piece of fish, the salmon came with the leaves of what I would estimate to be 2-3 brussel sprouts if that. We had 4 apps, 4 entrees, 1 btl wine about $60 per person including tip. I would take a pass on going there again.

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  1. Ya know, I'm not sure about Chilean Sea Bass. I've read different things.

    500 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. I have never had dinner at Circolo, but it is one of the best deals for happy hour Tue - Fri. They have $1 oysters and $3 beers and a whole host of yummy appetizers like Mussels in coconut broth, fish tacos and a decent variety of cheeses.

      Check their website for the most current happy hour menu.

      1. I would never recommend going there on a Friday or Saturday evening. Sometime between 9 and 10 it turns from a bar-with-restaurant-zone into a full-on hip-hop nightclub. While you're still eating.

        But it's a very pleasant place on other evenings.

        I've been there a half dozen times or so and always enjoyed it. However, I haven't been back since Patrick Kehler left and that could certainly be an issue. The menu looks like it hasn't changed much, if at all, yet. The guava-glazed pork rib appetizer is/was a particular favorite.

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          Never been on a Friday or Saturday. Thanks for the heads up.

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            My friends who recommended the place were lamenting the fact that the ceviche bar - was gone from the menu- it's not something that would particularly appeal to me- but probably recession driven or new chef driven anyway they only have I think 2 kinds of ceviche on the menu - we ordered both and the white one we had 2 of - only because we were still hungry after getting & eating entrees- we actually ordered 2 apps (raw fish) to share for 4, then entrees, then went back to the main menu and ordered salad, raw fish, frites (comment from the table was that they are like McDonald's), and asparagus. A telling sign was our waiter asked whether we wanted sides with our entrees, then I guess you know it's going to be a skimpy entree. PS the fish did not come with a badge- however when we left there were about 5 heavy duty security guys and they had badges (and guns;) I think. It appears that they a re either getting ready for an assault or are preemptively deterring an assault from taking place- either way not a place I want to be.