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Jan 12, 2009 10:46 AM

Cochon Butcher

Donald Link is set to open the Cochon Butcher located behind Cochon on Andrew Higgins Dr. As with most restaurant openings, dates are slightly tentative, but they are expecting to open their doors between January 15 and 19. Anyone else have information?

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    1. A friend of mine is the director of sales, she said it's going to be like a light lunch spot where you can taste wines etc. They will also be selling house made meats, cured meats and sausages etc.

      1. I heard from Stephen that it will open on January 20th, but again very tentative. Also, Calcasieu is set to open very shortly.

        1. They opened on the 20th. I stopped in yesterday...I'm hoping they'll add more over time but it's nice to have a butcher/specialty shop close by. I'm looking forward to heading back again.

          1. Just read some press on this (in Phoenix, AZ0, and it sounded interesting. Same for their "event" venue, near-by. I think that we will have to stop by and check this one out.