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Cochon Butcher

Donald Link is set to open the Cochon Butcher located behind Cochon on Andrew Higgins Dr. As with most restaurant openings, dates are slightly tentative, but they are expecting to open their doors between January 15 and 19. Anyone else have information?

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    1. A friend of mine is the director of sales, she said it's going to be like a light lunch spot where you can taste wines etc. They will also be selling house made meats, cured meats and sausages etc.

      1. I heard from Stephen that it will open on January 20th, but again very tentative. Also, Calcasieu is set to open very shortly.

        1. They opened on the 20th. I stopped in yesterday...I'm hoping they'll add more over time but it's nice to have a butcher/specialty shop close by. I'm looking forward to heading back again.

          1. Just read some press on this (in Phoenix, AZ0, and it sounded interesting. Same for their "event" venue, near-by. I think that we will have to stop by and check this one out.


            1. Tried a number of sandwiches the other day with several friends. Probably the best RARE roast beef in town. Pastrami was also top notch. Pork belly and Cuban were not very good. Duck cracklins were extraordinary. Bacon pralines were a unique taste, and delish

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                I very strongly disagree: the pork belly and the Cuban were both excellent when I had them. Also, the pickles are outstanding. They're a great example of why pickles were put next to sandwiches in the first place, in contrast to most of the afterthought pickles one finds everywhere else.

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                  I really liked the pork belly; the cuban was tasty, but a tad greasy (a bit too much cheese, IMHO). Mike is dead on: the pickles steal the show. I could eat a barrel of those pickles......one big drawback: uncomfortable square stools, with a behind-unfriendly tilt.

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                    Here's a photo of the aforementioned sandwiches....

              2. I know it is open now, but I just got an invite to the official grand opening today it's set for Feb 4, 2009, I will report back

                1. We went by on Saturday morning just after they opened. First, I am so happy to see a real deli open up in New Orleans. This counts for both the deli meats and the sausage/salami. We purchased a tasting amount of four of their meats to take home and I was immensely pleased with all four. Pardon the spellings here; we got Sopressata, Loma, Calabrese, and the Coppa. The deli meats looked delicious, especially the rare roast beef (yes I know it is New Orleans but is IS OK to eat rare roast beef). My son especially liked the baby pig head but I decided to not buy that.

                  Overall a valuable addition to the New Orleans food options.

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                    If your kid likes pigs' head, take him to Hong Kong market. Whole sesame pigs on the weekend; you can buy it by the pound, with a lower price for the heads. A couple of weeks ago, I stood in line behind a guy buying three heads and a case of Heinekin....now that's a party.