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Jan 12, 2009 10:40 AM

What to do with fresh black eyed peas?

I bought these on impulse last week. help me! What can I do with these? I know I can put them in polenta and only slight lycook them so they create chewy nuggets.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you!!


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  1. I don't use fresh ones, but this is what I do with canned or frozen ones:

    Black Eyed Pea Mango Salsa (can also use black beans)

    8 oz black eyed peas
    8 oz chopped mango
    8-12 oz salsa (any kind you like, amount depends on how watery or chunky you want it)
    Chopped cilantro to your taste
    Refrigerate and serve with corn chips. This is one that's better the second day.

    I've also done an Italian black eyed pea relish as a side dish. It's just black eyed peas in Italian dressing. You could add onions, pimientos, and/or marinated eggplant.

    1. Hoppin' John salad, with crab if handy, is what I always do. Basically a cool or room temp salad of cooked converted rice and the cooked peas, with a vinaigrette.

      Here's one

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        Oh my, I'd die for fresh black eyed peas.........haven't had them in over 10 years since I moved from GA to IN.

        We just cooked them in water with salt added until they were tender or your desired texture. Sometimes, my mother or grandmother would add in some salt pork . I'm sure bacon would work as well.