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Jan 12, 2009 10:38 AM

North Myrtle Beach Eats

Hey all-

Industry foodie going down to Myrtle Beach in April. Will be staying just north of North Myrtle Beach (will be playing the big cat courses) I know pickins in Myrtle are somewhat slim, but i would love any advice on good seafood (any crabhouses down in these parts...used to love the ones in Maryland) and would love recs on good BBQ and low country food. I'm willing to drive a bit if need be, but looking for some decent food, or cool beachy spots with decent food, good scene and cold beer. Overall, looking for cool things on a few different levels. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as last time I was down, my buddies dragged me to a bunch of crappy seafood buffets on the strip and would like to avoid this again.


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  1. Go to Wallace Lee's or Lee's Inlet Kitchen in Murrell's Inlet for the best she-crab soup.
    I also think Frank's in Pawley's Island would be worth the drive.

    1. Check my resent posting "" Myrtle Beach any new eatries "" .It has some good info .I am a golfer from NJ that has a place in Myrtle Beach for 12 years .Your first good idea is stay away from the buffets .Your best seafood is toward Murrels Inlet .The Best raw bar in your area is Rockafellas .,Excellent sandwiches @ Pat &Mike's in Little River ,High End steak house New York Prime @ 28 St. MB ( heavy prices) ,but the best. .Golf courses try Heather Glenn ,Oyster Bay

      1. i read that Phiilips seafood is reopening their main dining room to be a Maryland style buffett.

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          Having a daughter in Maryland we eat some good crab .The Phiilips @ the Balitmore Harbor is the real thing .The one MB is very weak .There are far better place in Murrels inlet

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            I dont eat buffetts ...except the breakfast brunch at Dockside in Murrells Inlet on Sundays...but I was trying to answer his specfic question.I did not give it a thumbs up. He is staying NORTH of North Myrtle Beach so I am guessing that no matter how much better the food is in Murrells Inlet he isnt going to eat every meal down here.LOL.
            I on the other hand prefer to eat pretty much only in Murrells Inlet and even though I have only lived here since the end of the summer ...I have been coming at least three times a year for 35 years and no matter where I would stay we came to Murrells Inlet almost every night. ;)

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              I really like Austin's .Where is his new place and how does it compare to the place on Hwy 17

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            Phillips is reopening as "Phillips World Buffet" whatever the heck that is? Whatever it opens as, I would not eat there.

          3. Boulineau's is fantastic for a meat and three. The fried chicken and banana pudding are to die for.

            The Calabash Seafood Hut is excellent in Calabash.

            The very best seafood buffet is Prossers BBQ in Murrells Inlet. It is also inexpensive. Otherwise I do not advise buffets.

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              Love to stop by Prosser's. It's a departure from the usual beach fare and a value, too. I'm gonna have to get up to Boulineau's sometime. Fried chicken and banana pudding are two of my all-time favorites.

              1. re: Cpt Wafer

                Prossers is amazing such a great locals place

              2. re: BlueHerons

                I have never been to Prossers but my husbands loves it. He and co workers think it is out of this world...I have got to get over there.

              3. The original comment has been removed