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Jan 12, 2009 10:36 AM

Los Angeles pizza places that do pasta?

My daughter would like to have a dairy pasta bar at the Sunday party for her friends following her bat mitzvah. We live in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, and will be hosting the event in our backyard. Daughter has been happy in the past with mom making large pots of pasta and providing a variety of sauce options, but that's not going to work for a larger group of kids. My husband suggested that our best bet is to look at kosher pizza places. Can anyone recommend any in the valley area that do a variety of pasta?

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  1. BS"D

    Well, there's Brami's in Reseda. They do passable pasta, I believe, but not many of them. By they way, they're in the process of establishing a location at Victory and Coldwater in No. Hollywood. Or you could try Cafe Del Mar, a dairy restaurant in Valley Village. But how many friends? The reason I ask is that a team of girls can create some very nice pastas (there are those frozen Kosher raviolis and tortelini) and using Atlas Pasta makers or similar machines, can actually have fun making and rolling and cutting fresh pasta, which can then be cooked in multiple pots with a variety of sauces. In other words, it's both food and entertainment. Just a thought. 1 Atlas pasta maker can process quite a bit of pasta dough in a pretty short period of time.

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      Thanks, I'll look into Brami's--the Victory and Coldwater location would work well for us. We like Cafe Del Mar, but they don't seem to do a lot of pasta. I'll check back with them.

      How many friends? A lot, far more than would fit in the kitchen. And it's girls and boys. And they'll be swimming, so we want them to stay outside as much as possible! We've done parties in the past where the guests are in the kitchen helping out, but in this case it would be a disaster!

    2. I would say just prepare it yourself. It'll save a ton of money and a lot of the sauces can be made in advance. You can even do a few baked pasta dishes and heat them as needed.