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Best Burger in town for a NY Hound

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I'll be visiting boston in the next few weeks to see friends. Where can I get the best hamburger?

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  1. There has been a lot of discussion and an equal amount of disagreement on this issue...the bottom line...there is no consensus. In Kenmore Square you can get a very good burger and a lively bar scene at Eastern Standard; just outside Kenmore Square on Beacon Street, you can get a delicious burger at Audobon; in Cambridge, there are the devotees of Mr. Bartley's Cottage; in Somerville, RF O'Sullivan's; back to Boston, the Wall Street Journel proclaimed the burger at Radius to be the best in the nation @ $18 (only at lunch). And there are many other good ones but no clear winner.

      1. If you head out to Waltham, I would recommend Watch City Brewery. Excellent burgers (beef, turkey & veggie) plus great craft beers.

        1. I crave a David Burkes at Bloomies in NYC!

          Lowend, I would go with Mr&MrsBartleys in Harvard Square with a lime rickey.
          High end I would go with Radius

          1. Sel De La Terre adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental on Boylston Street has--IMHO--the best burger in Boston. And while I like the option of adding foie gras to my burger, if I'm not in the mood, the SDLT burger is still beyond satisfying. As an added bonus, it's served with ROSEMARY POMME FRITES and costs $16. And for dessert, drink a Boston Flip or Scoff Law.

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              I just didn't see it as a $16 burger

            2. You know, I had a good burger at the Cellar on Mass Ave in Cambridge the other day -- they're small, which makes for a better ratio of char-grilled outside to hot just-right inside, and a good bun-to-patty ratio as well.

              1. Central Kitchen, in Central Square (on Mass. Ave) Cambridge, recently started serving lunch and added a burger that is great and available for both lunch and dinner.

                1. You're from NY? Are you a Yankees fan? Have I got a burger for you... DJ's at the Garden! (Lest anyone take me seriously, a burger that is actually worth eating and a great value in my opinion is Gargoyle's for $11 with waffle fries and a changing assortment of toppings.)

                  1. take a cab to O'Sullivan's in Somerville. By far the best burger around. Your jaw will be sore the next day from biting into it. There's about 20 different kinds of burgers to order from and the fries are humungous too. Plan on waiting about 30 minutes for your burger to cook because they are so big


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                      I'm a big fan of Audubon Circle located on 838 Beacon Street (Around the Corner From Fenway) Great, Flavorful, Juicy ,Consistent Burgers. Just the right size, well seasoned, toasted bun, with a side of roasted potatoes and spicy house made ketchup. When you order a your burger here Med-Rare, it ALWAYS comes Med Rare with a warm pink center. Good bar-scene as well with great micros on tap. Menu minimal but offers other good sandwiches and salads for the non burger crowd.

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                        I went to Audubon Circle twice this week to check out their Cheeseburgers. I thought the burgers were good, but not great. I didn't think the meat was that fresh or juicy. I went twice this week thinking the first time was a fluke, but both times the burgers were the same.

                        O'sullivan's burgers are much thicker and juicier. I strongly recommend the Black and Blue Burger. It is my favorite burger in Boston. I'm going to try Sal de Terre, Miracle of Science, and Gargoyles this week for comparison.

                    2. Plenty of good recs here and on the referenced thread already. I just wanted to add one that was a recent revelation for me, a really good diner burger at Auntie B's in West Roxbury. Two things drove me to review that place for The Phoenix this week: one was a Boston Hound here citing that burger, and the other was Dennis Lehane citing it as his favorite restaurant when he lived nearby (he's since relocated to FL). Overall it was one of the better diners I've visited in the last few years.

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                        Having grown up in Brookline on the West Roxbury border and having travelled up and down Centre Street hundreds of times, I cannot believe that I have never even heard of Auntie B's. It's too bad that they are not open for dinner but I will definitely go try their 1/2 lb burgers for $6.50!