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Jan 12, 2009 10:29 AM

Best Burger in town for a NY Hound

I'll be visiting boston in the next few weeks to see friends. Where can I get the best hamburger?

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  1. There has been a lot of discussion and an equal amount of disagreement on this issue...the bottom line...there is no consensus. In Kenmore Square you can get a very good burger and a lively bar scene at Eastern Standard; just outside Kenmore Square on Beacon Street, you can get a delicious burger at Audobon; in Cambridge, there are the devotees of Mr. Bartley's Cottage; in Somerville, RF O'Sullivan's; back to Boston, the Wall Street Journel proclaimed the burger at Radius to be the best in the nation @ $18 (only at lunch). And there are many other good ones but no clear winner.

      1. If you head out to Waltham, I would recommend Watch City Brewery. Excellent burgers (beef, turkey & veggie) plus great craft beers.

        1. I crave a David Burkes at Bloomies in NYC!

          Lowend, I would go with Mr&MrsBartleys in Harvard Square with a lime rickey.
          High end I would go with Radius

          1. Sel De La Terre adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental on Boylston Street has--IMHO--the best burger in Boston. And while I like the option of adding foie gras to my burger, if I'm not in the mood, the SDLT burger is still beyond satisfying. As an added bonus, it's served with ROSEMARY POMME FRITES and costs $16. And for dessert, drink a Boston Flip or Scoff Law.

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              I just didn't see it as a $16 burger