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Jan 12, 2009 10:25 AM

Max Downtown - Prix Fixe - Anyone gone yet?

Every week for a month or so Max Downtown has been offering their Prix Fixe menu. This weekend I am finally able to go; has anyone been and do you care to share any details? Thank you!

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  1. downtown, eh. care to narrow it down a tad?

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    1. re: Jenkins

      The restaurant is called "Max Downtown" and is on Asylum Street in the Cityplace building.

        1. re: Enfielder

          Seems like it is safe to say no Chowhounders have gone...

          1. re: crunyon

            This chowhounder has gone twice so far (Tues before Xmas (it was perfect after a hellish day shopping at the mall) and NY Eve (party of 12)) and will be going again this weekend. It is a great deal. Everyone at our table on NYE loved their meal. The entree alone is worth the $25. Don't know how they are able to keep this up (well, we did drink a lot of wine/cocktails and that is where they really rake it in).

            Go, try it, I don't know anyone who has gone who hasn't felt they got more than the value for what they paid. AND if you park in Cityplace garage they will validate your parking, so don't give the old "there's nowhere to park for free" excuse.

            1. re: citybrunette

              Excellent! We'll be there tonight before Avenue Q.

              1. re: crunyon

                I know the show was great on Saturday night, but how was Max Downtown? My husband and I went to Dish for a drink after the show and were sorry to find that it was a 20-something bar, so we had a drink and left.