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Jan 12, 2009 10:24 AM

Green Street, Hungry Mother or Central Kitchen?

We will be staying in Cambridge on Saturday (I'm from Toronto) and need a place for dinner. We're looking for something casual and recession-friendly, with great cocktails and comfort-ing food.

I had decided on Green Street, but got anxious after reading a recent thread indicating that there have been service issues lately. We've been to Central Kitchen and loved it (although it's been a while), but not to either of the others. Which would you pick? Or is there another spot we're overlooking?

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  1. I went to Green Street the other night and, while the mixology is excellent, the food was just OK. Also, they have not managed to fully squelch the (fraternity basement) odor that strongly pervaded the place when it was in decline, several years ago. The odor crept up every once in a while and made the experience a tad sour. I cannot comment on the other two places.

    1. All three! But if you only have time for one, I'd say Hungry Mother most perfectly fits your specifications. Make sure to get a reservation, they've been pretty full even at off hours.

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        Would agree that Hungry Mother best fits your requirements. I've not had the cocktails, but they are supposed to be excellent - and the dishes are essentially comfort food but SO much better. Do make reservations, though, ASAP if you decide to go there.

      2. I'd definitely pick Hungry Mother of these three options. Highland Kitchen in Somerville is also an excellent and reasonably priced option for cocktails and comfort food in the area.

        1. Have you tried Rendezvous(across the street from CK)? This is a fav of many.

          502 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

          1. All three are places I love to go. Central Kitchen has the most low-key, romantic vibe. Emphasis is on the wine rather than cocktails, as you know, and the food is great, if the menu a bit limited.

            Green Street is a bit more lively, excellent cocktails, very good food, the widest variety of the three.

            Hungry Mother the most barlike atmosphere, IME. Awesome cocktails, great food, but a very specific taste. If you have a veg or a non-pork eater, there will be deliciousness but only a few choices.