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Keurig k-cups

Just got a Keurig coffee-maker, and we love it. It came with a bunch of different k-cups which we are quickly going through!!, I was wondering which is the best place (on-line or in an actual store) to order these k-cups from?
I am looking for a place that has good prices, as well as a decent selection.

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  1. I am having a passionate caffeinated love affair with my Keurig.

    In pursuit of my addiction, I frequent the following (great selection and prices):
    -very low prices, free shipping, check out "subscription" offers

    - good selection, always has good promos- i.e., buy 5 boxes, get 1 free, plus free shipping.

    - very cool "purr-fect pack, build your own box" where you pick 5 different brands/flavors of k-cups to build a 25 k-cup box. Awesome way to try several k-cups!

    B&M...Bed, Bath and Beyond (yeah! a use for those perpetual 20% off coupons), Macy's and Target. Better prices online, but always good to have a back-up.

    Happy drinking :)
    .. .and long live Keurig!!!

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      If you want to buy on line why not the company that owns Keurig and makes all of the K-cups. Best selection!


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        The only Green Mountain blend that doesn't taste thin to me is their Dark Magic. Otherwise my favorites would be Coffee People's Black Tiger and Extra Bold Donut Shop. Both are available at Amazon.

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          I agree -- we haven't really liked any of the Green Mountain k-cups, but we landed on Timothy's Kona Blend as our everyday coffee.

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          Well, because Green Mountain only sells Green Mountain, as far as I recall anyway. Well, and Newman's, which is only 2 varieties. But there are at least half a dozen other coffee brands that put coffee in k-cups. And a lot of places are cheaper than Green Mountain, even if you consider their subscription plan.

          Amazon used to be crazy cheap for what they carried, $17 for 50, that sort of thing. The subscription does make it probably the cheapest, under 20 bucks for 50 (or 48, depending upon whether they are 24 or 25 count boxes x 2), but you do have to get 50 of one variety each time. To get the best price on a wide selection of individual 24/25-count boxes you need Big Cat, Coffee Giant (this one looks good), Coffee Wiz (another place we've used), etc.

          Another thought, in a pinch, with a narrow selection (though much better than it used to be), is Bed Bath and Beyond. If you go in with a 20% off coupon, you get an 18-count box for 8 bucks plus tax (if any). If there's no tax that's actually cheaper per cup than a 24-count box at $11. Also certain grocery chains will be carrying I think 12-count boxes, some have them already. This isn't likely to be cheaper, but who knows, if they do a 2 for 1 sale or something every once in a while maybe it can be.

      2. We like http://www.bigcatcoffees.com/ They carry about every variety I've ever heard of, for around 10-11 bucks per box of 25. Plus, you can make a custom box of 25 using up to 5 different varieties (5 cups of each). It costs more this way, but it gives you a way to try a new variety without buying a whole box of 25.

        1. We do a subscription from Amazon. K-Cups are now also at Costco, but they only have one caff and one decaff choice (i.e. no choice) of coffees. The Amazon subscription is the best price I've found other than Costco.

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            The subscription from Amazon is a great deal. You can opt to get it as in/frequently as you like (I get delivery once per month, and every once in a while I opt to skip a month). The best part is you get a discount and free shipping, so it's the ultimate convenience. I think I pay something like $17 for each two-box shipment -- there are 25 k-kups per box.

            (I prefer the Timothy's San Lorenzo Dark flavor.)

          2. How about checking out Acupofjo.com We have over 100 different selections, offer 5 packs, a 100 count variety case so you can try 50 different items and have free shipping on orders over $44.00.

            1. Must.. keep quiet.. about K-cups...

              1. Who knew there were so many choices!!!
                Thanks for all the responses and links. I will now get started sorting them out.
                BTW, I can't seem to find anything on Amazon which indicates that there is a subscription option. Am I missing it, or did they discontinue it? The least expensive way to get these K-cups,the better!!!

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                  Check out this link, then look at the right side of the page:


                  You have to choose which k-cup you want, and once you're on that particular product's page, you'll have the subscription options.

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                    Thanks for the link, and the very explicit directions. I found it!!
                    BTW... I love your "name"

                2. Do you know Keurig sells a refillable cup? With it you can buy whatever coffee you want and not use the expensive pre-packaged stuff.

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                  1. re: Candy

                    We have one of those for back-up, but we found that the results were not that great. For one, it is hard to get the perfect grind/amount of coffee for each cup. For another, the machine tends to get clogged from the coffee grounds in a way that doesn't happen with the pods. I know that they are un-PC, but they really work for us...

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                      Candy I bought the refillable cup directly from Keurig. They worked well at first and I enjoyed the flexibility but I'm on my 2nd refillable cup....they break...and considering how often you have to play around with it to make your own "brew" they should hold up better to constant use. If the 2nd cup breaks on me, I won't buy a 3rd.

                      Note to Keurig-design flaw.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        Good to know. I have one friend who swears by the refillable cup, but I am not sure how long she's had the machine.

                        Has anyone tried the pod holster to use other types of pods? I have read mixed reviews online, so I'm not sure if it's worth the investment.

                        1. re: queencru

                          My Uncle (who turned me onto the machine) uses the pod holster and loves the flexibility because he can chose from a wider range of products and catch sales regardless of pod type.

                    2. I use coffeewhiz.com; best combination of prices, selection, and shipping charges (or lack thereof) that I could find. Love the K-cup, but I do stick to the "extra bold". Like Coffee People Black Tiger, Jet Fuel, and Caribou Coffee Mahogany.

                      1. Amazon is probably the cheapest if you're ready to commit to 50-ct boxes. If you still want to try out new flavors, you're probably better off going to Kohl's or Macy's for the 18-ct boxes. I've found of the supermarkets/department stores I've visited, they have the largest selection. The 12-cts in supermarkets also tend to be far more expensive than the 18-ct boxes. I know someone mentioned Bed Bath with the 20% off or Target, but my BB&B and Target didn't seem to offer many (if any) the last time I checked. A lot of companies will give you a few free sampler boxes to try if you subscribe and I think you can cancel at any time so it may be worth giving a few of those a try as well and then canceling if you find the coffees aren't really your style.

                        1. I usually get the organic blend from Costco by Newman's....has more flavor than the regular Green Mountain.

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                            uh, not being smart here, but Green Mountian packages the Newman's

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                              I know..that's why I said it has a little more flavor than the regular run of the mill Green Mountain

                          2. Our local Stop & Shop sells K-cups, Costco the machine & refills, Target & Kohl's sell the machines, the k cup stands and boxes of refills. So far, Kohl's has the best prices $9.99 a box and the best sales (as much as 50% off).

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                              I didn't know Kohl's had them...I'll have to check the ones in CT.