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Jan 12, 2009 10:15 AM

Parent's Meeting Fiance's Parents

Hey all, my parents are finally meeting my fiance's parents for the first time this weekend and we are looking for a place to get brunch or lunch this sunday on the Westside. Some place that's not too loud, but not that expensive. We thought Cheesecake Factory in the Marina but I think that place sucks and I don't think they take reservations. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. One of the nicest brunches on the westside is at Joe's on Abbot Kinney in Venice. If I remember correctly, simple plates of eggs, bacon and small pancakes, or a hot dish like salmon with a side, including a choice of a small starter (fruit or chilled soup) range from about $11 to $14. Add a few bucks for coffee, perhaps a shared dessert, tax and tip, and you still shouldn't top $20 per person unless you add champagne or alcohol. Of course, given the situation, you may want to escape to the bar to down a few! Note: Joe's is very nice, but it is not outside, it is a covered canopy patio type of setting. Valet parking required -- let your folks out in front and then negotiate the lot in back.

    Other options right nearby would be Lilly's, which really is an outdoor garden type of setting, or Hal's, which might be a couple bucks cheaper. 26 Beach on Washington is also a good option -- same price range, but very good french toast and funky pillows with your seats, and lots of gourmet burgers.

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      joe's a good call.

      re: parking, it is fairly easy to find parking on the northern end of abbot kinney so you do not need to valet.

    2. Anisette or Joe's for a nice meal.

      I like Amandine for a bakery.

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        First, the restaurants on Abbot Kinney are a lot closer to what the OP mentioned (Cheesecake Factory in MDR) than Anisette. Second, they wanted somewhere not very expensive. And third, trying to seat a group of six around those tiny tables at Anisette is going to be extremely uncomfortable for a first meeting.

        I love Amandine. But I think they wanted table service, not order at the counter and find a place big enough to seat six to be served.

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          First, OP didn't say they needed to stay in MDR.

          Second, Anisette is not that much more expensive than Joe's. And Joe's is not that much more expensive than Cheesecake Factory.

          Third, I've seen several large groups at Anisette.

          You're right about Amandine, though.

      2. Joe's on Abbot Kinney or Lilly's nearby - in the garden.

        That's what came to mind immediately, and I see I'm just echoing others.

        1. Hey all, thanks for the replies. Yeah I've been to Joe's and Lily's before - might be a bit too fancy for the 6 of us. I just checked out 26 Beach's menu (always wanted to check it out - and I think that might be perfect.

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            Let's not forget 3 Square Cafe/Bakery. Small but very good breakfast/brunch menu and the pancakes are unique. It is also on Abbot Kinney.