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Jan 12, 2009 09:48 AM

If you had 7 nights in Miami

Okay, for all of you Miami experts. If you moved away, and were coming back for a 7 night visit, where would you eat dinner? Looking forward to your responses!

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  1. I've never been - but I've heard that Tap Tap is a lot of fun and has very good food. It's a Haitian place. I've also seen it featured on the Travel Channel and I'm dying to go.

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    1. re: nmurawsk

      Oops, I guess I wasn't very clear in my original post...I meant what would your "top 7" restaurant list be...

      1. re: sibeats

        That depends where you live now and what Miami does that your area cant.

        Joes is one place that is likely...

    2. Kinds of depend where you moved away to too. I was thinking of Jaguar, Salmon Salmon, or a Cuban joint... but then if you moved to S. America those will unlikely be things you missed. Or you may want some ocean front dining if you are tired of mountains and prairie?

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      1. re: tarepanda

        In no particular order,

        Sra. Martinez
        Kindgom/Bourbon Steak for a burger
        Prime Italian for the risotto, mac 'n cheese
        Magnum- for it's quirky charm
        Whisk Gourmet
        River Oyster Bar

        Also, I would go to the following for dessert:

        Pacific Time- for what has to be the best realization of that oozy volcano chocolate dessert
        Smith & Wollensky- for coconut cake (which normally I don't even like)
        Joe's- key lime pie

        1. re: jessierandall

          You Jean Georges invented that dessert...

          1. re: tpigeon

            Please don't get me started. The more chef interviews you read, the more people you hear of who claim to have invented the molten chocolate cake. Here's a good article from the NY Times archives (1991) on the various claims of invention (some more vigorously asserted than others).

            1. re: Frodnesor

              Regardless, my bet is he does it better than pacific time

              1. re: Frodnesor

                I probably show my youth here, but it's very entertaining to read Tom Collichio working at the Mondrian and being referred to respectfully as "Mr. Collichio".

            2. re: jessierandall

              Thanks Jessie....exactly what I was looking for, just your top 7 list, didn't mean for everyone to get so literal about "where you moved to", etc! Sorry for my lack of clarity!

          2. 2 places that would make my list... the new Area 31 in the new Epic Hotel... open less than a month... had an excellent meal there a few weeks ago... and of course Joe's Stone Crab. Enjoy!

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            1. re: WineAG

              Thanks...I went to the Area 31 website but there doesn't seem to be a menu up you know if there is one on-line anywhere?

              1. re: sibeats

                I looked too... no menu on line yet. When we went the menu was nice... not very large. Don't hold me to it, but if I had to say, about 8 or so apps. and about 10-12 entrees. Also 3 or 4 pastas (pasta's are all house made... we had the gnocchi and the ravioli's... both excellent... both nice as a half order. On their web site it says they are working on a new site... so expect that will have the menus. Also, a small but well chosen wine list.

                1. re: WineAG

                  that sounds about right. The seafood is regional, Area 31 referring to the fishing area spanning the Carribean and Western Atlantic (hugging Northern S. America).I think the pasta count is five, all great, also about 5 side dishes (polentaaaaa). Half the apps cold, half hot. Sommelier and mixologist who set up the space are well regarded in San Fran, and it shows. I very much enjoyed their bar. Pricewise I believe most entrees were in the $20-$30 range (5 oz fish portions for less), so it's reasonable for seafood. drinks I believe were $12.

                  The real treat though is the service from the moment you valet your car and are treated to moist towels until you leave and are given water for the road home.

                  1. re: Icantread

                    Yes, I was impressed with the place... very cool. Rooms look fantastic too. Have recommended the rest to friends and all have really enjoyed it. Both hotel/rest could have a rough time with it's location, but not because of the quality/value or total experience. Running some excellent opening rates for the hotel. Hope they make it.

                    1. re: WineAG

                      I just tried Area 31 and have to agree. The food is good and the atmosphere is beautiful.

                      And for your information, I invented the chocolate volcano dessert accidentally a few years ago when my oven stopped working midway through the baking process...

                      1. re: jessierandall

                        If anyone comes across a menu for Area 31, please post. Jessie, what did you eat there?
                        And very funny about the chocolate lava cake...

                          1. re: CarolinaB

                            Hey, thanks! I looked all over, apparently in the wrong places!
                            So, gnocchi with tuna bolognese? Anyone have it? Sounds a bit odd, but interesting.

                            1. re: sibeats

                              My wife had the gnocchi. I had the ravioli w/ricotta. Both were excellent. Large portions and both not light dishes... I'd consider 1/2 portions of any of the pastas as a pasta course type of thing.

                              Also had the shrimp and yellowfin apps... the beet salad... veal entree. We love the place.

                              1. re: WineAG

                                I think the fish at Area 31 is incredibly fresh and well-prepared. The corvina and snapper are delectable and they were sauced perfectly. I was less impressed with a gruel-like side of snow-white polenta, mediocre rapini and patatas bravas that seemed more meek than fierce.

                                Again, the place has been open for barely one month and they're still working out the kinks.

                                1. re: jessierandall

                                  The chef runs that place like a well oiled machine and looks over each dish as it comes out. Patatas brava were good, not great when I had them, but I would never refer to the Polenta as gruel-like. Hopefully they were just off that night. They were rich and cheesy, slightly elevated comfort food, if you will.

                                  Great find with the menu, linguini was great as well, and I've hear the lobster really is excellent.

            2. A bit of a different point of view, some in Broward, most inexpensive and simple:
              Michael's, definitely Michael's! (make reservations!)
              Chima (Brazilian, rodizio)
              Udipi (vegetarian Indian) or India House (Indian)
              Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (very informal, several locations throughout, best one prob. downtown Ft. Lauderdale)
              La Granja (for lunch maybe, it's Peruvian rotisserie chicken with fantastic spicy sauces)
              Beefeater (Argentinian - do you see a trend here? maybe I'm craving a huge steak)
              Stir Crazy
              Versalles (more for the entire experience and the pastelitos than the food, but the people-watching is great)

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              1. re: BKS

                I'm anxious to try Udipi. What is Stir Crazy?

                1. re: jessierandall

                  Stir Crazy is either a strip joint (on US-1 I believe) or a concept similar to Stir Moon, if I remember correctly, where you mix and match your own stir fry. I think it was around before Stir Moon. The place is near a neat little diner that used to have some great pies changed daily.

                  1. re: Icantread

                    Thanks for the clarification. I will most likely avoid the Stir Crazy on US- 1. Might have been awkward showing up with my husband and his visiting sisters.

                    1. re: jessierandall

                      Pembroke Pines, if you're going to go the boring route . . .

                      I think they have sushi as well (one of those deals)