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Jan 12, 2009 09:32 AM

Quick Lunch in Carnegie Hill?

We get to take my 11-year old daughter to lunch in Carnegie Hill later this month as it is parents' visiting morning at her school. We get out at 12:00, and have to have her back at school at 12:45. So, our options are limited to the restaurants that are near the school: Sarabeth's, Bistro du Nord, Vico, Joanna's, Island... She would be happiest with a burger. Do people have any thoughts about which retaurant would be best and would be able to get us out in the alloted time?

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  1. Skip all of those - Joanna's is closed - and go to Square Meal. They have a lovely burger, and very good food. I'm pretty sure that if you go in, and tell them when you need to be out, they would accommodate you.

    Square Meal
    30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

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      By the way, Square Meal is next to Nightingale - if you are going to the Spence on 93rd Street, Ottomanelli is just over on Lex and 93rd or 94th, and has excellent hamburgers.

    2. how south can you go--take her to jg melons.

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        JG Melon would be too far south given the time constraint.

      2. just listen to mmruth-that is her territory!!! and she knows it well.

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            And a second for Ottomanelli. Informal, very resonable and excellent burger & fries (I "rediscovered" it recently because of MMRuth's recommendation). Better quality, more generous, and cheaper than JG Melon...and in this case much more convenient.