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Jan 12, 2009 09:22 AM

BOKA or Juno experiences?

My friend wants to try BOKA and Juno for the Urban Eats promotion. I have little knowledge on these restaurants- especially BOKA- Juno I have read some baords about. What are your experiences at BOKA and Juno ? Is the food any good? What should I expect?

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    1. I'll disagree with Steve - I've never had a good meal at BOKA and have given it several tries.

      I have had a solid meal at Juno - see

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        I've been to BOKA and didn't like my meal.

        Haven't tried Juno yet, but definitely want to.

      2. I dined at Juno last night and had a wonderful meal! My partner ordered from the promotional menu and chose: risotto croquettes (with Stilton cheese), scallops, and s'mores. I chose from the "regular menu" and started with beets---candy cane, with some feta and coriander, butternut squash dumplings with brown butter, and scallops. Everything was delicious--- The difference between the "regular" scallops and the "promotional" scallops was simply a small slice of bacon. All of the dishes involved multiple additional flavors---sunchoke puree/pears and a blood orange drizzle with the scallops, for example. My choices came in at $29, and I was able to have a bite of the s'more with ginger marshmallow, too. The staff was very friendly/helpful and professional and the evening was delightful. I recommend Juno!

        1. I haven't been to BOKA, but have been to Juno twice in the past month for dinner. The first time was pretty good and I liked the atmosphere so I took four people there a couple weeks later. That time was a big disappointment to me. They all said their food was great (they aren't really foodies though) but my salad was nothing special and my main (veal breast) was terrible. I've never had veal breast before so I don't know what it was suppose to taste like, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't suppose to taste like a leather shoe. Also, if you are in to wine, the sommelier is very, very nice but doesn't seem to really know his wine menu. I asked a few questions about a couple different wines and he couldn't help. On the plus side, the people are very friendly and willing to make anything right and the atmosphere is nice/quiet/private.

          1. I'll have to join a few others here and say I was so not impressed with BOKA. Seems like a fun place to get a drink/apps, but the dinner is certainly not worth it! Service was really good throughout though, but the food (I had a lamb dish) was uninspired and heavy. Have not tried Juno yet, so can't compare.