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Jan 12, 2009 08:52 AM

Where can I find Goat Butter?

I took my GF to Eleven Madison Park over the holiday and one of the memorable items was the goat butter served with the bread. Neither of us had ever had this before. What a wonderful, simple pleasure goat butter is! To try and relive the revelation we had at EMP, we bought some gb from an online retailer. It is tasty but not as strong flavor wise as I had hoped (or remembered) I'd love to find a local source for gb. Are there any farmers markets that sell this?

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  1. We found some at Olive May, a local grocer. Have you tried Whole Foods?

    Some goat butter makers add a bit of cheese to their butter so that it will mimic the tangyness of chevre, but I prefer the type which is simply goat butter.

    1. Fairway carries goat butter as well as goat yogurt.

      1. Whole Foods and Murray's Cheese (online) carry it.

        What brand did you get online?

        1. Where in the outer boroughs are you? In Prospect Heights/Park Slope, the Key Food on Flatbush & Sterling has Liberte (Canadian). $5.99 for 8.9oz. Yes, pricey I know, but super tasty.

          But if you meant "local" as in locally made...maybe it's something to suggest to the Coach Farms people @ Union Sq market?

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            I think I've seen it in Natural Market in Forest Hills, on Austin st.

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              Found another, St. Helen's Farm:


              Sahadi's for $7.25. Good, but not sure it's worth the price difference. I think the Liberte one tastes goatier.

            2. I think I have seen goat butter at Sahadi's as well as Fairway.
              There is a goatcheese lady at the GAP farmers market but I dont remember butter there