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Jan 12, 2009 08:44 AM

Calzones in CT--where do you find the good ones?

My very favorite place for calzone is Napoli Pizza in Meriden (510 West Main St.). The ricotta is rich and creamy (not all are created equal, let's remember), their sauce is delicious and their dough is just right. And if I remember correctly, you can bring a bottle of wine.

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  1. Yes, Virginia, you can bring a bottle of wine. They'll serve it in funny Christmas tree glasses, but who cares? Feast your eyes on my favorite calzone. God, I love this joint.

    - meatball and mushroom calzone--sauce is served on the side
    - sausage and mushroom pizza pop--kinda like a stromboli, you pick the fillings

    1. Roma, East Hartford...The sauce and crust hooked me...Haven't had one in months, maybe a little treat later this week

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        I'll have to tell my mom--she goes there for dinner sometimes. I agree about their sauce. I've sampled it at Stew Leonard's. :)

      2. I've had really good ones from Lena's in Hartford but sometimes the dough is a little underdone inside. They're still the best I've had...most places don't have the right ricotta/mozzarella ratios in my opinion.

        I look forward to hearing of any good ones in Hartford beyond Lena's.

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          I don't like their pizza much at all, but last time I went (admittedly, years ago) to Barb's they made a mean calzone. Side question, I saw a sign that said 'breakfast slices' or something when I drove by a while ago. Any intel on those?

        2. I almost never get them, because the pizza is so good it's hard to not get that instead, but Modern Apizza in New Haven has great calzones.

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            That is still on my "need to get there" list. Though, I'd probably have to try the pizza first. ;) Thanks!

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              Never been to Modern? katty, katty, katty! Would be a good thread tho, "Need to get there list"

          2. Thank you Ms Katty for the spot-on recommendation of Napoli's of Meriden calzones! Wow!! Such unique texture unlike any calzone I've ever had, I've REALLY enjoyed them a couple of times already.

            Despite some of the(removed) replies regarding Liuzzi cheese that were briefly in this thread, I have to say that the finished product at Napoli is indeed good. After being so pleasantly surprised with their calzone the first time, I attempted to ask the older gentleman there if they in fact used this ricotta to which he replied: "We use mozzarella in the calzone and on the grinders". ??...OK, I at least tried!

            It didn't matter because after the first taste I knew whatever it was that this was a modest-meal food find which I wouldn't have otherwise thanks!

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            1. re: noreservations

              You are most welcome. I'm so glad to know you've enjoyed Napoli's calzones as much as I do!