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Jan 12, 2009 08:42 AM


Is polenta and corn meal the same thing?

I need instant polenta and can't seem to find it. I haven't looked in any specialty grocery stores yet, just your basic Safeway.

But I was told that instant polenta and cornmeal is the same that true?

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  1. Corn meal = Polenta = Grits. The size of the grind can differ for polenta in different regions, while grits is usually the coarser grind only.

    1. Polenta is corn meal, but as to whether a box of corn meal can subsitute for "instant polenta," whatever that is, I can't say.

      You should post this to Home Cooking.

      1. Polenta is basically Cornmeal Mush. You take water, salt and you boil it with Cornmeal to get Polenta. You can find recipes on the net easily. It usually takes about 45 mins to cook.

        Instant or pre-cooked Polenta comes in tubes and can be found near the pasta in all supermarkets. It takes only 2-3 minutes to prepare and will be just as good as anything you make from scratch.

        Safeway does sell it, it's near the pasta and close to the ready made Gnocchi...good luck!

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          Hey Major,

          I've seen the big tubes of polenta at Safeway, but never the instanst stuff in a box kind of a thing..

        2. And for anyone wanting to know, 6 years later. It's on aisle 10 next to the flour in Safeway. GL