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Jan 12, 2009 08:30 AM

Trendy Birthday Dinner with Specifics

Okay here it goes.. I am looking for a trendy place for two with bold decor. Think Tao, SushiSamba 7, Brasserie 8 1/2 -- the kind you would see in Sex and the City. I have never been to Tao but I've always scowled at posh and I have great reservations about spending $$$ on sub-par food, which is usually what I expect from super trendy establishments, although I'd love to be proven wrong. Looking to spend up to around $100 including a drink or two and I'm not looking for fine dining, just TRENDY and buzzing with your typical 20-somethings non-foodie crowd. Please do not suggest Fig & Olive. Open to American, Japanese, Chinese (although it has to be DELISH Chinese to justify the bill).. no French or Meditteranean or Greek. (Trust me, if this birthday dinner were for myself the requests would be totally different.)

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  1. First thing that came to mind was Buddakan.

    1. drop your expectations. there is plenty of excellent food in upscale but not stuffy, hip not old school place.

      think degustation, public, tailor, ippudo.

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        I won't really consider degustation as upscale though. It is a small cozy restaurant, very much the opposite of what the OP is looking for.

        1. re: kobetobiko

          Ippudo is not upscale by a long shot, though it does have bold decor.

        1. Stanton Social, Double Crown, STK .

          1. I second Buddakan, or other meatpacking restaurants like Merkato, Spice Market...maybe Morimoto?