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Jan 12, 2009 08:17 AM

Best Pizza Slice around Milford, CT?

Moved up from NY to Milford a few years ago. Still can't find a decent slice anywhere. Franco's by the train station is not bad but TINY! I don't even bother. If I am in Bridgeport, I will go to Pizza Time on Madison. That is good, but a little far for me to just "pop in".

Any place in Milford/Stratford/Orange/West Haven?

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  1. You need to go to New Haven: Sally's or Pepe's on Wooster Street, Modern on State Street. Oh yes, in West Haven, there's Zuppardi's. They are all terrific.

    1. Pepi's and Sally's on Wooster St, and Modern Pizza on State St all in New Haven are as good or better than any NY pizza (I grew up in NY so I should know). All thin crusty Italian pizza made in brick ovens.

      1. See my review with picture for Michaelangelo's on the Post Road in Milford, next to Jeep dealership. New Haven equivalent. Excellent IMO. Let me know what you think if you go. They have a great take out selection including slices and ready made fare. Also, cannoli's and sfogliateles (sp). Yum.

        1. Quite aware of all the mentioned places. Been to all of them and all are good, however I don't think any of them sell by the slice. Looking to grab a quick slice (Like NY!).

          Michaelangelo's does, but the turnover for slices are low (They mostly do whole pie's) and the slices do not look fresh. The regular pie at Michaelangelo's was delicious. We got a whole Sicilian pie there another timeand is wasn't very good. Not enough sauce or cheese.

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            Correct - none of the "big 3" - Pepe's, Sally's and Modern - sell slices.
            I was in Milford on Sat and thought I'd run into Michelangelo's for a slice and eat it at "the counter" (like the West Haven location), but there is NO counter - only table service, so the optioh of ordering slives and "eating in" does not exist.
            Bummer....because the West Haven location sells a lot of slices and it is very conducive to ordering, eating, and running!

            1. re: lsnhc

              Wasn't aware of the West Haven location (only the milford one). I'll have to try it.

              Peter Pan's on the Green has slices but the time I went in there, the slices looked like they were cooked in the morning and were sitting there all day. Just not enough turnover to justfy fresh slices.

              What about New Haven by Yale or the Hospital. Nobody has slices? (That is decent)

              1. re: johnpops1

                West Haven was the original. They rebuilt after a fire and opened late in 2008. I assumed that the Milford location would take the place of the original, but it was, in fact, another venue.

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                  Most of the decent pizza places in Downtown New Haven only serve slices at night when the bar/club crowds are around. That's essentially the only time they stay busy enough to serve them fresh. The exception to this is BAR, which is too busy during the day to serve slices (the oven is pretty much continuously full from open to close 7 days a week). I think Bella Haven (on College Street, between Chapel and Crown) might do slices all day. Most people I've talked to seem to think they make great pizza, but it's not to my taste. I have really enjoyed slices at Aladdin Crown Pizza (next to BAR), which serves them all day. However, I've never eaten one sober, so I can't confidently vouch for the quality.

                2. re: lsnhc

                  That's bizarre. The day we went in for slices, the pie was whole so must have been recently made; it tasted fresh. And. . . we sat right down at one of there tables with our East Haven sodas (birch and cream), and they had absolutely no issue with us doing that at the Milford location.

                  Here's the link to the original post with pic of a recent pie:

              2. if you want "good" italian pizza then you buy a whole pie.
                if you want a slice go to pizza hut , domino's or some other off variation of a real pizza.
                zuppardis is hit and miss at best for pie. sallys and pepes are way way overrated. modern is real good.
                suprised to hear you dont like francos a very good pie! sorry to hear they actually stoop to making slices available.
                one of the very best italian brick oven pizzas in all the milford through new haven area is pappa's pizza #2 near the milford hospital. i doubt they do slices though.
                there are no really good pizza places in bridgeport unless you want that inferior cheap cheese with all the extra oil packed into it.
                maybe you set your sites to high ? want not try chucky cheese ? they do slices !

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                1. re: doughboy

                  I didn't say I didn't like Franco's. I said they were not bad but tiny in size.

                  You seem to be "Anti-Slice". Nothing wrong with a whole pie but to say that the only way to get good pizza is to buy the whole pie? If you grew up in NYC (The Bronx) like I did, then you would know and appreciate that pizza by the slice is "real pizza" too. Maybe YOU never had the option to get good slices in CT except from "Domino's" , "Chucky Cheese" or "Pizza Hut" but there are 100's of places in NYC that make good slices.

                  I hope this doesn't turn into a whole pie vs slice snobish debate. They are both good.

                  1. re: johnpops1

                    Ha-ha....i don't even think you CAN get slices at those chains!!