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Jan 12, 2009 07:58 AM

Where to go for BURGERS with 'Hot Pepper Relish'?

Back in the 80's (some) Burger places/joints used red
Sweet/Hot Pepper Relish. The Burgers were sooooooooo good!
Any places still out there that uses (red) 'Hot Pepper Relish'???

Please tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee where????! (smile :~)

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  1. "Red pepper relish" is usually a sweet condiment as opposed to spicy-hot. I'm not sure I've ever had a hot pepper relish as an add-on to a hamburger.

    The Counter has a very good red pepper relish.

    2901 Ocean Park Blvd Ste 102, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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    1. re: maxzook

      Big Mike's, the excellent Philly cheesesteak place on Main Street in El Segundo, cooks up either sweet or hot peppers for the cheesesteaks. They also make a burger. I'm sure you could combine the two there. And by the way, they also serve fantastic onion rings in a light batter.

      At Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln in Santa Monica, one of the things that makes the Godmother special (besides their incomparable rolls) is the pepper relish. I get a mix of the sweet or medium and the hot. I'm sure they would sell some by the container. I've asked them whether their pepper relish included olives, as I suspected, but they insist that it does not.

    2. Hey, I like hot and sweet together but have never had it on a burger but only on asada tacos with a very hot, yet sweet, salsa.

      Did you have these burgers in L.A.?

      This is all I could find.

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      1. re: JeetJet

        Hey JeetJet,

        Yes, I had these Burgers in L.A.
        The name 'Hamburger City' all
        around town was a Hot Spot for the best burgers.
        There's still a place in the Hood on 51st and Central
        I can't rememeber the name of the place,
        but I'm afraid to go on that side of town these days.
        (lol! Well, sorry!).
        But I've heard when some want a quick fix, they'll still go
        for a homemade 'red hot/sweet relish burger. (maye I will too?).

        Thanks for the info link!

        1. re: Pineapple099

          51st and Central on the North West corner with a dry cleaner across the street on the South West corner?

          1. re: JAB

            Hi JAB-

            It's on the South East corner. (It's a small burger joint).
            Owned by the original owners.
            It's been there for years. Back when my Mom was in school.
            (the 50's) I think I might go by there this weekend and get the exact
            address and name. I'm sure it's on Central Ave- It's North of Slauson
            in the low 50's block. I believe 51st street?
            (If you happen to stop by there before I do-
            just ask before you order if they still use the Hot Relish?
            It's soooo GOOD!

            1. re: Pineapple099

              On GoogleMaps StreetView I'm seeing a place called Tam's Burgers on the NW corner of 51st and Central.

              Could that be it?

              I definitely looks like it has been there a while!

              1. re: BeenThereAteThat

                That sounds like the place that I was describing. I believe that the place that Pineapple099 was describing is much further down towards Slauson on the East side of Central.

          2. re: Pineapple099

            I'm back with no visible bullet holes. The place that Pineapple099 is referring to is called Snack Shack and is on the North / East corner of 57th and Central. According to their signage, they've apparently been there since 1941, have hot relish and the original owners have returned for a grand re-opening. I've been curious about this place for a long time but, have never stopped. I was there a 1/2 hour before they were open today so, I was not able to partake. Next time thru though.

            Seriously, the hood isn't nearly as bad now as it was during the peak of the crack epidemic.

            1. re: JAB

              I finally stopped at the Snack Shack for a burger and fries and they were unfortunately both disappointing. I did like the hot relish however.

        2. I beleive it is called Jamaican relish. 26 Beach used to do a burger with the stuff years ago. I actually was talking to the owner back in the summer and he said he had some new/old burgers coming back, he was going to try to mix things up every few months. I think he is about dues since his last overhaul in october.

          26 Beach
          3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

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